One More Time netflix movie
One More Time (2023)

‘One More Time’ (2023) Movie Review: Another teen comedy on Netflix, this time from Sweden



One More Time is a Swedish film directed by Jonatan Etzler and starring Hedda Stiernstedt and Maxwell Cunningham.

From Sweden comes this “teen” comedy in a sort of Back to the Future… Swedish style.

Interesting for its exotic touch. In terms of story and construction, not groundbreaking, but it’s watchable.

One More Time netflix movie
One More Time (2023)

Movie Review

With a “Hollywoodish” starting point, One More Time revisits the teen comedy and the 80s theme we’ve seen so many times before. It does it with the grace of applying a photography of the 80s to reminiscent scenes. It’s funny, yes… but it remains somehow in the picturesque, not working well enough to make it really interesting.

It’s not a comedy to crack up, but a rather “European” comedy that falls somewhere between treating the characters with the respect they deserve and falling into that trivial side more typical of the genre. For a while, it achieves to give entity to the characters, but soon forgets it to fall into the teenager game and the classic rules .

A movie that contributes in terms of industry, a good product of some excellent professionals who, without desire or ambition to make the work of their lives, get down to work to give a sufficient entertainment that, without a higher aim, stays as just another product in the overwhelming grill of the streaming giant.

Nothing to object, it is not to be indignant with these consumer products that have nothing to do with neorealism: they don’t want to rock the boat, they will do well or badly, but they achieve their goal without investing hardly any imagination.

In rating, it would be a C+.

(Unambitious) goal achieved.

Release date

April 21

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Movie Trailer

One More Time (2023)
Dieciocho otra vez pelicula Netflix

Movie title: One More Time

Movie description: Amelia is hit by a bus on the night of her 40th birthday and wakes up in 2002, on her 18th birthday, with the possibility of changing the course of her existence. But when she starts waking up again and again that same day, she has to find the key to literally leave the past behind.

Date published: April 18, 2023

Country: Sweden

Duration: 1h 25m

Director(s): Jonatan Etzler

Writer(s): Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsman

Cinematography: Nea Asphäll

Actor(s): Hedda Stiernstedt, Maxwell Cunningham, Elinor Silfversparre, Miriam Ingrid, Per Fritzell, Vanna Rosenberg, Tove Edfeldt, David Tainton

Genre: Comedy

Companies: Breakable Films, Netflix

Our Opinion

(Unambitious) goal achieved.


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