Summon Quest
Summon Quest

Summon Quest coming to Apple Arcade on April 21

Team17 USA and Topia Studios announces that the isometric magical adventure Summon Quest will arrive on Apple Arcade on April 21, playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Apple Arcade is Apple’s popular game subscription service that offers unlimited access to an evolving collection of over 200 incredibly fun games — featuring new releases, award winners, and beloved favourites from the App Store.

Set in a magical fantasy land, Summon Quest sees players traverse dozens of levels and use increasingly powerful spells and skills to push back a tide of monsters that have created a rift between worlds.

Summon Quest key features

  • Push back the rift monsters! Fight through 60 levels of enemies within each region to reach the final boss!
  • Master magic! Choose from randomized, unique, and powerful skills at the end of each level, making your Summoner progressively stronger!
  • Gather your fellowship! Unlock companions which you summon to your side in battle!
  • Steel yourself against foes! Level-up and equip powerful equipment which provides permanent stat bonuses!
  • Become the supreme summoner! Beat each region on easy, medium, and extreme difficulty levels for ultimate rewards!

The upcoming launch of Summon Quest marks the second time Team17 USA and Topica Studios have worked together, with their first game – Farmside – having launched in February 2023.

Joshua Babich, Vice President & General Manager, Team17 USA said: “The announcement of Summon Quest underlines the strength of our partnership with Topia Studios, following the launch of Farmside at the start of the year. Summon Quest is an exciting and magical adventure that underlines the engaging experiences Team17 USA will continue to bring to Apple Arcade in the years ahead.”

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