Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup
Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup. Photo credit: Simon Burrill

The Moving Memory project: ‘Only Now’

Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup presents The Moving Memory project: ONLY NOW a festival devoted to memory and forgetting Thursday, April 20 at 7:30pm at The Broadway Presbyterian Church

Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup presents the 2nd Edition of The Moving Memory projectONLY NOW on Thursday, April 20 at 7:30pm at The Broadway Presbyterian Church, 601 W. 114th Street New York, NYC. Tickets are free, though donations are encouraged. Advance reservations are requested at

Launched in 2019, The Moving Memory Project embodies its founders’ vision of bringing together artists, caregivers, and seniors to create a community of care surrounding issues connected to memory loss and destigmatizing the diagnosis of dementia, with the ultimate goal of raising awareness to increase funding until a cure is found. “Works like this can help the world think and talk about Alzheimer’s in important new ways” says co-producer David Shenk, whose writings on Alzheimer’s and dementia garnered him international acclaim as an authority on the subject.


Dancers for a Variable Population

2 teaching artists lead a 20-minute dance session for attendees

DEA Work-in-Progress

Choreographed by Stefanie Nelson and Maya Orchin

Performers: Graziella Murdocca, Maya Orchin and Mark Willis

Inspired by Massimo Bontempelli’s 1925 play, Nostra Dea in which the main protagonist’s personality is determined solely by the attributes of the clothes she is wearing.

Moderated Post-Performance Discussion by David Shenk


Live Jazz Music by musicians from the Manhattan School of Music and Dance Party

For more information, visit

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