black knight series netflix
Black Knight (2023-)

‘Black Knight’ (2023-). Sci-fi Series on Netflix


Black Knight is a South Korean series written and directed by Choi Ui-seok. It stars Kim Woo-bin.

Black Knight is a (or another, rather) great South Korean series, this time in the apocalyptic sense of the story, gathering all the experience of the industry that, since Train to Busan, has given such good results.

black knight series netflix
Black Knight (2023-)

Black Knight is full of intrigue and subplots, but the action scenes are the queens of the show, standing out in rhythm and giving agility to each episode, which splashes with fights, chases, car races and so on.

Above all, it stands out in its outdoor setting, with a Korea turned into a desert, and it resorts to brutal photographic contrast.

A production with quality and with clear ideas of what it wants and, above all, with the well-learnt lesson of what works for the public. It knows how to play its cards and give in each episode the right doses of surprise, action, and intrigue, without losing interest at any time.

The series is created by Choi Ui-seok, a filmmaker who, although not being very prolific (in twenty years of career), has offered us good samples of his talent for thrillers with Master and Cold Eyes.

A thriller of intrigue and lots of action to enjoy, from Friday 12, on Netflix.

black knight series netflix
Black Knight (2023-)

Release Date

May 12, 2023

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Black Knight
Black Knight

Movie title: Black Knight

Movie description: In a dystopian 2071 devastated by air pollution, the survival of humanity depends on the Black Knights — and they’re far from your average delivery men.

Date published: April 27, 2023

Country: South Korea

Director(s): Choi Ui-seok

Writer(s): Choi Ui-seok

Actor(s): Kim Woo-bin, Esom, Song Seung-heon, Kang Yoo-Seok, Kim Eui-sung, Jiseung Cho, Lee Joo-seung

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventures

Companies: Netflix

User Review
2.7 (612 votes)

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