‘En el nombre de ellas’ (2023) True Crime Docuseries on Netflix

The Kote Cabezudo case
En el nombre de ellas Tv series Netflix
En el nombre de ellas (2023)

En el nombre de ellas is a Spanish docuseries directed by Eduardo Mendoza.

A photographer named Kote Cabezudo from San Sebastian has been accused of committing various forms of sexual abuse for two decades by abusing his position as a well-known public figure.

This Friday, Netflix presents a production that delves into the dark side of human behavior, focusing on this case in Spain. The production is notable for its meticulous attention to detail in terms of photography.

About the series

This case is scandalous and controversial, and deserves our attention due to the shameful acts exposed in the “denounce” series. We do not force viewers to engage with the subject matter, but it is important to be aware of the sordid side of human existence.

From a technical standpoint, the docuseries is well-produced with excellent recreations and follows the classic true crime format with a focus on police investigation and interviews with victims and investigators. While it does not offer anything new in terms of genre, it is well-executed and allows the story to speak for itself due to its impact.

The documentary takes an objective approach to exposing the facts, but some may still view it as judgmental given the nature of the subject matter. Overall, it is a well-crafted true crime documentary with respectful recreations throughout.

Release date

May 26

Where to watch En el nombre de ellas


En el nombre de ellas
En el nombre de ellas Tv serie Netflix

Name: En el nombre de ellas

Description: Documentary in which the victims of the photographer Kote Cabezudo narrate the terrible moments lived before this rapist and pedophile already condemned by justice.

Country: Spain

Director(s): Eduardo Mendoza

Genre: Documentary

Companies: Señor Mono, Netflix

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