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Larva Family (2023)

‘Larva Family’ (2023). Korean animated series on Netflix

With very different heroes


Larva Family is an animation series from South Korea. You can watch the first season on Netflix.

It’s Thursday and any day is perfect for a children’s series. This time comes Larva Family, a fun series about insects, nature and… family.

The Larva family has grown up and now the little baby is bringing a thousand adventures in a Korean series in which the main characters don’t speak. No, they don’t have their own dialect like the Minions, they simply emit cute sounds while, yes, they live amazing episodes.

A different series, we warn you, full of… vomiting (yes, the characters vomit) … farting… mice and other charming arguments that, let’s face it, make it, at least, an original series.

Full of imagination and, yes, only for the little ones of the house, who will surely enjoy it in its simplicity but, above all, in its gentleness and easy-going rhythm.

Release Date

Mai 4, 2023

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Larva Family
Larva Family

Name: Larva Family

Description: Follows Red and Yellow as they have a crash education in parenting when they take in a newborn caterpillar.

Seasons: 1

Country: South Korea

Genre: Animation

Companies: Tuba Entertainment, Netflix

User Review
3.5 (2 votes)

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