Last Sentinel
Last Sentinel

‘Last Sentinel’ (2023). Movie Review: A sci-fi one… retro-style


Last Sentinel is a film directed by Tanel Toom starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Kretschmann.

Last Sentinel is one of those films that, unfortunately, will not go down in history. It entertains, just enough, but it never ceases to be, look, and behave like what it is: a film with a limited budget whose only appeal is to let us see Kate Bosworth again, who, within her limited role, does the job very well.

Movie Review

Last Sentinel is born as one of those films that, when they come out well, have a lot to offer, especially as a showcase for the director to shine, Tanel Toom in this case. He proves he knows how to do his job. It is a well shot film (given the circumstances), whose idea could not be simply better exploited as the script by Malachi Smyth was written.

Little action and a lot of tension, but so braked that it doesn’t get to burst. The prolonged tautness that was asking for a great finale that never came.

It doesn’t end up hooking the spectator, it gets lost in endless dialogues.

A movie that will leave the viewer asking for that “something else” that the film does not manage to grant.

A movie that, in short, doesn’t win over the viewer.

And that is a very bad thing to be remembered for.


Tanel Toom
Tanel Toom

The Cast

Sofia Boutella
Kate Bosworth / Cassidy

Lucien Laviscount / Sullivan
Martin McCann / Baines

Thomas Kretschmann
Clarke Peters
Ben Pullen
Karin Tammaru
Jan Erik Ehrenberg
Monika Tuvi

Last Sentinel
Last Sentinel

Movie title: Last Sentinel

Movie description: A squad of soldiers is stranded on an abandoned military base on a near future Earth waiting for the relief or the enemy, whichever comes first.

Date published: April 30, 2023

Country: Reino Unido

Director(s): Tanel Toom

Writer(s): Mart Ratassepp

Cinematography: Mart Ratassepp

Actor(s): Kate Bosworth, Thomas Kretschmann, Lucien Laviscount, Martin McCann

Genre: Ciencia Ficción, Thriller

Companies: Allfilm, Altitude Films, ARTE, CrossDay Productions Ltd, Head Gear Films, Kick Film, Vertical Entertainment

Our Opinion

And that is a very bad thing to be remembered for.


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