Sisu (2022)

‘Sisu’ (2022) Movie Review: A Bloody Extravaganza




Sisu is a film written and directed by Jalmari Helander starring Jorma Tommila.


During World War II, a lone man finds gold. On his way, the Nazi army tries to steal it, but they’ll meet a man who is very tenacious when defending his gold.

Sisu (2022)

About the film

Extravagant, gory, funny and ironic. An action film plagued with sanguinary scenes and viscera everywhere, yes, but also a film created from the editing room with a production that, although modest, bets on the spectacularity of its images and the rhythm of the shots.

A film created out of editing and sound, very well directed and to which you can only object (if you want) to the bloody scenes. If you don’t fancy that, don’t watch it, but if you are in the mood for a well-done (and gory) action, Sisu is quite an opportunity.

A film with a lot of design, a lot of poetry of brutality too, but with the strength of extravagance, daring and knowing how to stand out with its arguments and without betraying the idea that will please some and not others (that’s for sure), but that is totally consistent on a cinematographic level.

Sisu does not have a great script, but a good character that, without saying a word, manages to take us to hell thanks to its epicity and to a director that gives his best to achieve maximum impact in every scene.

A film that also knows how to go from more to much more (maybe not in its philosophical side, ok).

Very good cinematography

Sisu (2022)

Our Opinion

Jalmari Helander brings out his best cinematography in a film that wants to stand out and, with the means it has, achieves it.

(And maybe, just maybe, with a bigger budget and higher box office ambitions, the film would have been much worse).

Movie Trailer


Jalmari Helander

Jalmari Helander

The Cast


Jorma Tommila / Aatami

Jack Doolan / Wolf

Aksel Hennie / Bruno

Mimosa Willamo / Aino

Onni Tommila
Tatu Sinisalo
Wilhelm Enckell
Vincent Willestrand
Arttu Kapulainen
Elina Saarela


Movie title: Sisu

Movie description: Deep in the wilderness of Lapland, Aatami Korpi is searching for gold but after he stumbles upon Nazi patrol, a breathtaking and gold-hungry chase through the destroyed and mined Lapland wilderness begins.

Date published: May 17, 2023

Country: Finland

Duration: 91 mins

Director(s): Jalmari Helander

Writer(s): Jalmari Helander

Cinematography: Kjell Lagerroos

Music: Juri Seppä, Tuomas Wäinölä

Actor(s): Jorma Tommila, Aksel Hennie, Jack Doolan, Mimosa Willamo, Onni Tommila, Tatu Sinisalo, Wilhelm Enckell, Vincent Willestrand, Arttu Kapulainen, Elina Saarela, ,

Genre: Thriller, Action

Companies: Subzero Film Entertainment, Stage 6 Films, Nordisk Film, Lionsgate

Our Opinion

Jalmari Helander brings out his best cinematography in a film that wants to stand out and, with the means it has, achieves it.


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