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The Days (2023)

‘The Days’ (2023) New Series on Netflix on June 1


The Days is a new Japanese series directed by Hideo Nakata and Masaki Nishiura. starring Kôji Yakusho and Yutaka Takenouchi.

Blamed by some, hailed as heroes by others, those involved with Fukushima Daiichi face a deadly, invisible threat — an unprecedented nuclear disaster.

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Release date

June 1

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The Cast


Kōji Yakusho


Fumiyo Kohinata

Yutaka Takenouchi


Kaoru Kobayashi

The Days
The Days Series Netflix

Name: ドラマ

Description: Over the course of eight episodes, this multi-layered drama faithfully captures a disastrous incident from three different perspectives based on careful research. "What happened there on that day?" This story seeks to answer this question based on the true events of seven intense days from the perspectives of government, corporate organizations, and the people on site risking their lives.

Director(s): Hideo Nakata, Masaki Nishiura

Writer(s): Jun Masumoto

Genre: Drama

Actor(s): Kôji Yakusho, Yutaka Takenouchi, Fumiyo Kohinata, Kaoru Kobayashi, Takuma Otoo, Ken Mitsuishi, Ken'ichi Endô, Yuriko Ishida, Yuki Izumisawa, Tomomi Maruyama

Companies: Co-production Japan-United States, Lyonesse, Netflix, Warner Bros

Author: Ryûshô Kadota

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