Thursday, November 30, 2023

What a Wonderful World | The Forthcoming Group Exhibition at JPS Gallery | Tokyo

In collaboration with How2Work, Paradise Toy, The Little Hut and Quiet Gallery, JPS Gallery is delighted to present a captivating group exhibition titled What a Wonderful World, showcased at our Tokyo gallery space. In a time when numerous individuals are grappling with life-altering predicaments and witnessing an unprecedented scale of conflict, this exhibition strives to inspire viewers with a renewed sense of appreciation for our world’s natural wonders, cultural richness, and human connection.

Bringing together a curated collection of artworks by Charr Morita, Dehara Yukinori, Fulin, Haruka Yamakawa, Huang Shiang, Jessica Ng, Kila Cheung, Kohei Ogawa, Louis Wong and Shon Chen, this exhibition will explore various aspects of our planet’s magnificence through an array of thoughtprovoking paintings and mixed-media works. From stunning landscapes to vibrant cityscapes, our presentation will feature an eclectic mix of styles, creativity and imagination, intricately crafted for viewers to pause, reflect, and find solace in the splendour surrounding us.

What a Wonderful World highlights the power of art to inspire, uplift and nurture a deeper connection to the world around us while offering art enthusiasts and visitors an unparalleled opportunity to perceive the world in a whole new light.

Participating Artists

About Charr Morita (b.1988, Japan)
Charr Morita is excellent at expressing his passion for skateboarding, streetwear and hip-hop culture through his unique illustrations—filled with humorous, dynamic characters in a detailed fashion. Early in his career, Charr created art flyers and hosted group exhibitions during the day— and at night, he performed live painting at clubs and underground events in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. After the birth of his son, Charr returned to his hometown, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Nevertheless, he has never withdrawn from his artistic pursuits and in 2021, he started expanding his career by creating hand-painted artworks and being involved in brand collaborations across various countries.

About Fulin (Taiwan)
Born in Taiwan, Fulin graduated from Kyoto University of Arts, which fuelled his passion to explore the boundless possibilities of Japanese art. Through his experimental works, he skilfully incorporates elements inspired by the Japanese Kano school painting, including bold brushstrokes and refined depiction, seamlessly blending them into his artistic style. Fulin fearlessly captures creatures in daring postures, allowing his unrestrained expression to shine. Drawing from the rich Japanese artistic tradition, he infuses vitality and audacity into his presentations, pushing the boundaries and challenging the perceived limitations of Japanese art.

About Haruka Yamakawa (b.1993, Japan)
After completing her studies at Tama Art University, she worked as a graphic designer at an advertising company in Tokyo before embarking on a career as a freelance illustrator. She primarily works with acrylic gouache on canvas and illustration boards, applying generous amounts of paint to create her signature look with a pop and nostalgic style. Her characters are characterised by their horizontal, oval faces, and she often draws inspiration from various sources, including movies, vintage posters, fashion magazines, foreign toys, a book on interior design, and photos of children’s rooms. Her subjects are diverse and include people, animals, plants, and toys, which are beautifully captured in her illustrations.

About Huang Shiang (Taiwan)
Huang Shiang’s works exude a sense of warmth and tell stories of specific moments in life. She blends acrylic and mixed media to create gentle layers that evoke a sense of serenity. Huang’s love for birds is evident in her pieces, and she often features uniquely shaped birds, both cute and magnificent, interacting with human figures. Her artwork delivers an energy of love to the viewers, and Huang also keeps many birds as pets, which is a testament to her passion for these creatures.

About Jessica Ng (Hong Kong)
Jessica Ng is a self-taught artist who transitioned from a professionally trained graphic designer and fashion design to a full-time artist. Her work depicts scenes and imaginings of childhood, memories, and a sense of innocence which are contrasted with a sense of loneliness and darkness. These nostalgic depictions are inspired by her memories of fairy tales, fantasy books, western cartoons and Japanese anime and her own childhood experiences.

About Kila Cheung (b.1986, Hong Kong)
A painter and sculptor, Kila Cheung is one of the emerging stars of the local art scene. His unique artistic oeuvre manifested his value for childishness, curiosity, and the courage to think outside of the box and dream big. In 2017, Kila started creating his acclaimed series of wooden sculptures when he left home for Japan to begin his internship. His colourful works are sentimental and reflective with a hint of youthful rebellion, finding resonance with young collectors across Asia.

About Kohei Ogawa (b.1975, Japan)
Known for his handmade needle felt doll Green Cow Garden (2013) series, Kohei Ogawa is a versatile artist who brings his endearing characters and their world to his paintings, drawings and sculptures. Ogawa observes the beautiful elements in everyday life and takes inspiration from the seemingly mundane. When he created the popular Green Cow Garden series in 2013, he chose needle-felted wool as the primary creative material because the palm-sized works make people feel warm when they hold it in their hands. Since 2015, he began to work with How2work and launched the Naughty Boy series. Similar to his preferred material, Ogawa’s works bring a sense of warmth and treacly sentiment to the audience.

About Louis Wong (b.1991, Hong Kong)
Louis Wong’s creative thinking had been deeply influenced by various Japanese cultures and elements from cartoons since childhood. After graduating from a design school in 2013, he entered the design industry. Two years later, he established his personal brand, PLAY STUDIO, and began creating soft vinyl figures with Japanese elements, including the popular character Oni Ninja. In 2020, he joined the design studio HOW2WORK and began developing artworks in different genres, such as paintings and sculptures.

About Shon Chen (b.1982, Taiwan)
Shon Chen is a passionate painter who focuses on creating toys and paintings. Toys and painting are not only a performance of creation but a way of expressing his thoughts and feelings. His inspiration comes from human thoughts and the diversity circumstance that enable us to appreciate the finer things in life. He channels these emotions into his creations, resulting in works of art that resonate with designers and collectors alike. He often participates in exhibitions and interacts with other designers to helps him grow and improve his craft, as he also draws inspiration from the creative community around him.

About JPS Gallery
Established in Hong Kong in 2014 and later in Tokyo, Paris and Barcelona, JPS Gallery is an independent contemporary art gallery presenting works of emerging and established artists from around the world.

The gallery is founded with a passionate spirit that dedicates to the new digital age and the exploration of the world of fine art and pop culture. We aim to create an innovative environment for a new generation of artists and collectors, fostering a creative space for all. We focus on fun and playful works of the era that spans across different mediums and disciplines, showcasing a discerning selection of works that embody the aesthetics of today.

We are committed to supporting the culture and art scene in Asia and Europe, creating a vibrant local art community. The gallery regularly presents works of emerging artists in our gallery spaces as well as international art fairs, giving them a platform to gain global exposure, supporting young artists to launch their careers. JPS Gallery has also been an active contributor to society and the local art scene by sponsoring various charity events and auctions.

What a Wonderful World
What a Wonderful World

Event Title: What a Wonderful World

Start date: November 3, 2023

End date: December 1, 2023

Location name: JPS Gallery

Address: 1/F, Tobu 2nd Building, 6-27-4, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

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