Thursday, November 30, 2023

Which Car You Can’t Buy, Even if You Have the Money Enough

The world is full of luxuries. Those who can afford them buy them. Others either save up or just watch from the sidelines. It would seem simple – if you have the money, you can go out and buy what the principal has a price. Additionally, this reasoning is supported by arguments that almost everything can be bought for money. In fact, this is not so and the car manufacturers prove it.

You can come with a suitcase of money to the showroom, say, a Ferrari, but you will be refused the purchase. You simply can’t buy the car and that’s it. That’s what some brands do, and for good reason. This article gives a few examples of this behavior by automakers, which at first glance seems strange, but has a clear logical explanation, or just historical roots. But don’t quit saving up for a new McLaren before you finish reading to the end. Maybe you’re a good fit and you’ll be sold.

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What it takes to buy a Ferrari

Ferrari has long been a symbol of luxury and speed. The brand has become a household name for a whole area of the automobile industry – sports cars. However, some models of this brand could be bought only by pre-order and only with the personal consent of the brand’s founder, the famous Enzo Ferrari.

The last model, the buyer of which personally talked to Enzo before drawing up the deal was the Ferrari F40, issued in limited edition to the fortieth anniversary of the company. One of these cars was given to racer Jean Alesi as part of his contract with the Ferrari racing team in Formula One. A few months ago he sold it for a million dollars. The price of the sports car is largely due to the conditions of the purchase of the car.

The company still sells top versions only to proven and most loyal customers. Especially it concerns limited editions, like the LaFerrari hypercar. To buy this car, you should be a fan of the brand and already have at least five cars from Maranello.

Even if you passed this first stage of selection, you could still be refused the deal. The decision to sell even if you had 20 Ferraris were made individually.

There was even a story to happen in 2016, the American car racer Preston Henn sent a letter to Sergio Marchione, who at the time headed the Fiat-Chrysler group (which includes Ferrari). In it, he outlined his desire to buy a LaFerrari version of the Spider (open version) and enclosed a check with the amount of the deposit. In the end, he was refused and sued the company.

He felt the Italian company had damaged his business reputation. He later withdrew his claim, saying he only wanted to draw attention to the story. As a result, he passed away a year later at the age of 86, but he still did not receive LaFerrari in his collection.

Ferrari doesn’t allow employees of the company to buy their cars, except for team drivers in Formula One and management, who get them for nothing. There are some exceptions, but they are single. It is done due to the fact that buyers are waiting very long for their piece cars, and it would be unpleasant if they have to stand in a queue for the company’s employees.


As you can see, this is not a Toyota Prius to buy from a warehouse. Such cars are expensive, but there are a lot more people who have that kind of money all the same and they are ready to pay for an exclusive car. That is why companies have to choose only the most worthy. Although I must admit honestly, it looks a little humiliating.

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