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‘Sharper’ (2023). On Apple TV+. Movie Review

Sharper is a thriller movie directed by Benjamin Caron with Julianne Moore,  Sebastian StanJustice SmithBriana Middleton and John Lithgow.

An elegant and very classic thriller you can enjoy this Friday on Apple TV+.

This movie knows how to balance a slow technique, brilliant actors and classic plot which is totally familiar.

Movie Review

A paused rhythm for this movie about tricksters that is totally predictable and yet manages to fool us from its direct title and its “film noir” look, studied and elegant: it does not bring us anything new and does not promise to do so either, but the entire setting, the characters and its giddy calm rhythm knows how to work with precision to do the exact thing it needs to do at each moment, without getting lost or trying to invent something new.

Needless to say that this movie would not be anything if Julianne Moore were not there: the distance, dramatism and play is provided by her as well as her presence, but the story is very intelligently constructed all balance and austerity. Here they have known how to not cave in by the drama, and propose a story that is very very slowly told, granting each shot the right duration and carefully crafting each line of dialogue to achieve an effect.

Fantastic settings, acting, technically brilliant and as always a marvelous film by some film professionals.

The bad thing: This is probably one of those movies you will not remember.

Our Opinion

If you want to see a classic film to the bone, a little like the old fashioned movies, here is this perfect option that, although it does not surprise one at the least, manages to convince with no need to fall into an excess of visual effects.


Release Date

February 17, 2023

Where to Watch Sharper

Apple TV+

The Star: Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore. Depositphotos

Julianne Moore is an American actor and author with a prolific career of over 35 years. She has received Academy, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards for her acting performances, which include critically acclaimed roles in “Boogie Nights,” “Far From Heaven,” “The Hours,” and “Still Alice.”

Moore has appeared in over 50 feature films in a variety of genres, including thrillers, romances, and dramas. Among her notable credits are “The Big Lebowski,” “The End of the Affair,” “Hannibal,” “The Kids Are All Right,” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” She also had roles in blockbusters such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Fault in Our Stars.”

In addition to her acting career, Moore has authored a number of children’s books, including “Freckleface Strawberry,” “My Mom is a Foreigner and She is Awesome,” and “Shelter Pet Squad.” She is also a vocal advocate for human rights, using her platform to speak out on issues such as equal pay, gun control, and mental health.

Throughout her career, Moore has been praised for her outstanding performances and tireless work in advocating for social justice. She is an inspiration to many and an iconic figure in Hollywood.


Benjamin Caron

Benjamin Caron


Julianne Moore / Madeline Phillips

Sebastian Stan / Max

Justice Smith / Tom

Briana Middleton / Sandra

John Lithgow / Richard Hobbes

Darren Goldstein

Kerry Flanagan / Larusso

David Pittu / David

Phillip Johnson Richardson
Quincy Dunn-Baker

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