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“The Claus Family 3” (2023) | Christmas Movie: Yes, they’re back for Christmas

The Claus Family 3” is a movie written and directed by Ruben Vandenborre. It stars Jan Decleir, Mo Bakker, Kürt Rogiers, and Bracha van Doesburgh.

Yes, Netflix is also faithful to its inevitable cinematic Christmas appointment, and to prove it comes this now-classic film from recent years, “The Claus Family 3”. This film is overflowing with Christmas spirit and features fantastic landscapes.

It may not be a film for everyone, but if you’re someone who radiates Christmas spirit, we’re sure you’ll love this movie.

Enjoy it.


Noel and his grandson are on a Christmas trip while the granddaughter discovers the secret ball that transports them to the North Pole. While Noel is delivering gifts in Mexico, he is imprisoned, so his grandchildren will have to overcome their differences and distribute the presents together.

About “The Claus Family 3”

If you’re someone who finds Christmas overwhelming, and if, like Mr. Scrooge, all the spirit of happiness and harmony seems a little forced and lacking in aesthetic value… then skip this movie because it will probably overwhelm you even more than it did me.

Without anything bad, it is a Christmas movie for children and young people that, with all respect and innocence, presents itself as another Christmas product that will surely be watched many times on the streaming platform.

It is cute, pleasant, and the protagonists are charming. It is a family movie that, despite slightly turning around the traditional Noel, at its core, fully respects the tradition.

If you are looking for a movie that you can safely leave your kids with, without them asking how a “wormhole” can be generated through a Christmas ball, then “The Claus Family 3” is a recommended and safe bet.

Merry Christmas.

Release Date

November 8, 2023

Where to Watch “The Claus Family 3”


The Cast

Jan Decleir
Jan Decleir
Kürt Rogiers
Kürt Rogiers
Mo Bakker
Mo Bakker
Bracha van Doesburgh
Bracha van Doesburgh

The Claus Family 3

The Claus Family 3

Movie title: The Claus Family 3

Movie description: The delivery of the gifts turns into a disaster and Santa Claus is in trouble. Will his grandchildren, Jules and Noor, manage to team up to save the day?

Date published: November 8, 2023

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 73 mins

Director(s): Ruben Vandenborre

Writer(s): Ruben Vandenborre

Cinematography: Philippe Van Volsem

Music: Anne Kathrin Dern

Actor(s): Jan Decleir, Mo Bakker, Kürt Rogiers, Bracha van Doesburgh, Amber Metdepenningen, Sien Eggers, Yassine Ouaich, Pommelien Thijs, Celest Henri Cornelis

Genre: Christmas, Family

Companies: Dingie, Kinepolis, Film Distribution (KFD), Netflix

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