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‘The Conference’ (2023) | A Comedy Horror Film on Netflix | Premieres October 13th | Movie Trailer

The Conference‘ is a Swedish comedy/thriller/slasher movie directed by Patrik Eklund, starring Katia Winter, Lola Zackow, Eva Melander and Adam Lundgren, among others. The story is based on the novel Konferensen by Mats Strandberg. If you are looking forward to this multi-genre movie, you will not have to wait too long for it will debut on Netflix on October 13th.

Synopsis of ‘The Conference’

A group of municipal employees participate in a team-building conference. The atmosphere at the get-together changes when rumors of corruption begin to spread. And then, a mysterious person starts chasing and killing the participants one by one, the nightmare becomes a reality.

Trailer for ‘The Conference’

Where to watch ‘The Conference’


When to what ‘The Conference’

October 13th

The Cast

Katia Winter
Katia Winter
Lola Zackow
Lola Zackow
Eva Melander
Eva Melander
Adam Lundgren
Adam Lundgren

Cecilia Nilsson
Christoffer Nordenrot
Amed Bozan
Jimmy Lindström
Robert Follin
Maria Sid
Marie Agerhäll
Claes Hartelius
Martin Lagos

The Conference

The Conference

Movie title: Konferensen

Movie description: A team-building conference for municipal employees takes a turn for the worse as allegations of corruption start circulating and adversely affect the work atmosphere. Meanwhile, an unidentified individual commences a series of killings targeting the conference participants.

Date published: September 21, 2023

Country: Sweden

Duration: 100 min

Director(s): Patrik Eklund

Writer(s): Thomas Moldestad

Actor(s): Katia Winter, Lola Zackow, Eva Melander, Adam Lundgren, Cecilia Nilsson, Christoffer Nordenrot, Amed Bozan, Jimmy Lindström, Robert Follin, Maria Sid, Marie Agerhäll, Claes Hartelius, Martin Lagos

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Thriller

Companies: SF Studios

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