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‘The Old Way’ (2023): A Movie with Nicolas Cage to Start 2023 Well

The Old Way is a Western directed by Brett Donowho, written by Carl W. Lucas starring Nicolas Cage.

Yes, Nicolas Cage will (probably) work with no breaks this year and already has premieres ahead such as Renfield (in which he will be Dracula with his usual mayhem). Meanwhile, we can see him here in a Western which although it might not go down in the History of Film, is decent enough as far as production and ambience.

And, also has an incomparable philosophical subject: Nicolas Cage wears a Stetson!

About the Movie

The Old Way movie nicolas cage
The Old Way

A story about vengeance, shooting and… Nicolas Cage, who is still the absolute star of the B Series with the personality that he has after that Oscar (for Leaving Las Vegas), which more than one academic must regret having given to him. Laughing at his own stardom, he can enjoy making relatively good, bad and… worse movies. Old Way is one of the decent ones… topical, a Western full of clichés and in the classic vengeance films, a tribute to Westerns that has not much of Unforgiven, which it seems to want to parody.

The best part: the photography and Cage´s moustache in the first scene (later he removes it and looks changed and regenerated in William Munny style).

Then, the movie, simply settles for moving  between vengeance and clichés… yes, but it is entertaining with a simple ambience and sets that are somewhat “paperboard” and with a scenography that looks a little lacking in essence in our opinion. A Western that, not being a “spaghetti Western” is a little half-baked Hollywood and is a minor film with a star whose fans, let us be honest, don´t have great expectations about.

The movie is okay, and without doing a favor for movies in general, settles for telling us, movie after movie: here is Nicolas Cage again, like every year, to pay his dues one more year (he spun out excentricity as much as he could and spent more than his taxes let him, so now he is starring every screenplay that comes his way).

Just about enjoy it. It does not deserve much more than a five… but we are fond of this Cage who stars in a movie every month, even if we exaggerate a little, with each one less pretentious than the one before it.

A rather vulgar Western, but with the saving grace of knowing it has no aspirations to anything whatsoever.

The Old Way movie nicolas cage
The Old Way

Release Date

January 6, 2023


Nicolas Cage / Colton Briggs
Ryan Kiera Armstrong / Brooke Briggs
Clint Howard / Eustice
Abraham Benrubi / Big Mike

Shiloh Fernandez
Nick Searcy
Skyler Stone
Eddie Spears
Dean Armstrong

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The Old Way (2023)

The Old Way movie nicolas cage

Movie title: The Old Way

Movie description: Colton Briggs, un ancien bandit armé, tient désormais une épicerie et vit tranquillement avec sa famille. Lorsqu'un gang de hors-la-loi assassine sa femme de sang-froid, Briggs rentre chez lui, déterre son arme et s'entoure d'une partenaire improbable : sa fille de douze ans.

Date published: January 13, 2023

Country: États-Unis

Duration: 95 mins

Director(s): Brett Donowho

Writer(s): Carl W. Lucas

Cinematography: Sion Michel

Music: Andrew Morgan Smith

Actor(s): Nicolas Cage, Clint Howard, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kerry Knuppe, Abraham Benrubi, Shiloh Fernandez, Nick Searcy, Dean Armstrong

Genre: Western

Companies: Skipstone Pictures, EchoWolf Productions, Intercut Capital, Saturn Films

Our Opinion

A rather vulgar Western, but with the saving grace of knowing it has no aspirations to anything whatsoever.


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