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Aromatherapy, how to use smell for healthy life

Aromatherapy is a discipline that helps to treat both physical and emotional pathologies with the use of essential oils obtained from plants. Although most people believe that this therapy is only about feeling a pleasant aroma to delight our senses, the truth is that it goes much further than that since it can treat important physical illnesses. Learn more about this delicious and enjoyable therapy:

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What is Aromatherapy?

Is the treatment of various sensitivities and illnesses with essential oils. The effect of essential oils on humans is indisputable to both scientists and naturopaths. Aromatherapists use them specifically to treat physical and mental problems. The oils can unfold their effect through their aroma, as well as through direct external and internal applications.

Essential oils are also suitable for self-treatment because of their simple application. In fact, through aromatherapy, symptoms, and conditions such as blepharitis, cardiac arrhythmias, prostatitis, and more can be treated.

These therapeutic oils can be applied topically with creams or carrier oils (because some people are not comfortable with the texture of cream) that many of us know as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and in turn, these carrier oils have properties that add to the treatment of a particular disease

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are an integral part of alternative medicine in the context of aromatherapy. They relieve physical ailments and have a beneficial effect on the soul. Their application possibilities are varied, they are easy to carry out and low risk. Therefore, the plant extracts that make up this substance are also suitable for self-treatment.

In alternative medicine, essential oils are used for supportive therapy of mental and physical ailments. For this purpose, essential oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation, sometimes also by cold pressure.

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The effect of essential oils

Essential oils are effective against various complaints. Plants produce essential oils to attract insects or ward off pests and thus protect the plant from disease. These effects are also useful for humans. The oils enter the body directly through the skin (through creams or carrier oils) or the gastrointestinal tract with their consumption.

But above all, the fragrance of these oils has a healing effect. The odor molecules penetrate through the nose to the olfactory mucosa, which is part of the central nervous system.

The sense of smell itself is found in the oldest part of the brain, the limbic system. Olfactory stimuli can cause the release of messenger substances that have an analgesic effect or create a sense of well-being. Endorphins are also released. These have a very pain-relieving and uplifting effect.

You can easily get ready-made mixtures for aromatherapy against certain specific ailments and alternatively, you can put them together yourself, using effect tables, or consulting a trained aromatherapist.

There are many forms of application for aromatherapy such as the use of fragrance lamps and room aromatizers, oils and balsams for massage and skincare, sauna infusion, inhalation, and more. No matter which method of application you choose or suit you best, you will certainly be able to enjoy all the benefits of this therapy.

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