Saturday, December 9, 2023

Niccolo Changsha Wedding Art Salon blooming atop central China – Discover love and romance

CHANGSHA, China, June 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Niccolo Changsha once again joined hands with contemporary artist Mr Fang Shibiao. Inspired by Mr Fang’s “SHE” art series exhibition created from a female perspective, Niccolo Changsha presented a wonderfully interpreted wedding art salon, integrating art, romance and modernity, while jointly exploring the romantic nature of the beloved. The salon was created in collaboration with a total of eight high-end wedding purveyors, including Changsha IFS and Modern Radio Broadcasting, Dream Maker Wedding, Muen Wedding, Timeless Videography, Jinxi Photography, Surprise holiday, Han’s Selection of Jewelry, and Xibei Wedding Gift, as well as Changsha Ba Yi Motorcade. The entire event was carefully executed in three chapters: guided art tour, a wedding fashion show and an interactive artistic session. Together with the artfully crafted desserts by the hotel’s French chef Mr Ménad Berkani and his team, the media and guests enjoyed a triple feast of sights, taste and touch.

The event officially opened at 2:30 pm. Our team led the guests to admire the 11 works of the Fang Shibiao Art Exhibition, explaining the creative inspiration and concept of each piece, and experiencing the freedom and blossoming attitude of women at each stage of life. At the end of the exhibition, music played, and the welcome lobby on the hotel’s 4th floor evolved into a fashion show. Professional male and female models appeared in elegant wedding outfits and moved gracefully to the rhythm of the music, changing through different postures to interpret the beautiful wedding gowns, and pushing the atmosphere to a climax. Afterwards, the guests were invited to move to The Conservatory on the 8th floor and began to freely create art, showing great interest and enthusiasm in their eagerness to pick up the brushes and improvise paint on canvas.

This year, Niccolo Changsha continues to integrate the concept of art into weddings to increase guests’ understanding, awareness and unique experiences of the hotel venue and services, all while bringing prospective newlyweds together. As the landmark hotel in the Star City, Niccolo Changsha continues to be a beacon of fashion and elegance, focuses on creativity and artistic presentation, continuously infuses new concepts into the market, serves as a leader for the fashionable and exquisite lifestyle of the Star City, bringing everyone together to experience more beauty in life. Special wedding offers are ongoing.

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