The Umbrella Academy Season 3 on Netflix

This Wednesday, we can watch Season 3 of the TV series, The Umbrella Academy, the weird and amazing series created by Jeremy Slater. Recommended. Plot A disbanded group of superheroes reunite after


Superwho (2022). Comedy Movie

Superwho (Super-héros malgré lui) is a comedy written and directed by Philippe Lacheau. Plot A struggling actor who seems doomed to lead the life of a loser. When finally gets a lead


Eternals (2021). Movie Reviews

Eternals is a 2021 Marvel movie directed by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland). Starring Gemma Chan, Richard Madden and Angelina Jolie. And Kit Harington (Game of Thrones). Plot Los Celestiales (unos individuos superpoderosos) tratan


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