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Crashing Eid (2023) | New Series on Netflix: A comedy about cultural differences

Crashing Eid is a 2023 Saudi comedy series starring Summer Shesha, Hamza Haq, and Khalid Alharbi.

“Crashing Eid” is a comedy about cultural differences, this time between London customs and those of Saudi Arabia, with the classic plot of a couple from different social backgrounds and his acceptance into her environment.

This comedy aims to provide more of a social perspective while offering entertainment, without necessarily being hilarious.

Simple in its cinematography, the screenplay revolves around the interaction of characters surrounding the announcement of the wedding. It presents numerous cultural differences for this Netflix series, which arrives without making too much noise.

And, if we’re not mistaken, it may not garner much attention from the audience.

What can we find in “Crashing Eid”?

Above all, “Crashing Eid” is a comedy that doesn’t strive to be entirely comedic. Among recent Saudi productions, it is the least comedic of all, drawing comparisons to “Meet the Parents” (2020) without Ben Stiller and without seeking scenes that break the mold.

It’s a comedic series that takes itself seriously, without resorting to hilarity and perhaps overly so, taking a situation that traditionally calls for a more relaxed tone.

Regarding the customs of each country, thanks to Netflix and its increasingly evident international mindset, it’s an opportunity to see a bit of the world and learn about different ways of viewing the world in other countries.

It may not be the best production in terms of cinematography that we can find on this streaming platform, but it serves as an excuse to travel and experience cultural differences in a relaxed manner.

Enjoy it.

Release Date

November 15, 2023

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Crashing Eid
Crashing Eid

Name: جايبة العيد

Description: The series follows Razan (Shesha), a Saudi woman living in the UK with her teenage daughter. She plans to marry a British-Pakistani man under the assumption that her family will approve the pairing without question. However, when she returns home during Ramadan with her fiancé in tow, she soon finds that breaking with tradition may be harder than she had originally thought.

Seasons: 1

Country: Saudi Arabia

Genre: Comedy

Actor(s): Summer Shesha, Yassir Al Saggaf, Khalid Alharbi

Companies: Netflix

User Review
3 (3 votes)

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