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‘Everything Now’ (2023) | The New Coming-of-Age Dramedy Series on Netflix

Everything Now‘ is a 2023 British coming-of-age comedy-drama series created by Ripley Parker and produced by Left Bank Pictures for Netflix. The series stars Sophie Wilde as Mia Polanco.

In eight episodes the series follows Mia, a 16-year-old Londoner who is released from hospital after a lengthy battle with anorexia. Mia is determined to make up for lost time, so she creates a bucket list of all the quintessential teen experiences she wants to she navigates the challenges of adolescence, including friendship, love, and self-acceptance. Mia also has to deal with the legacy of her eating disorder and the pressure to live up to the expectations of her family and friends.

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Episode List

  1. Fresh out of treatment, Mia’s ready to back to her life – only to discover her friends have been drinking, partying and hooking up without her.
  2. Post-party gossip gives Mia flashbacks from the hospital. Between an invite from her crush and karaoke with the crew, it’s time for a bigger bucket list.
  3. Fueled by newfound love, Mia tries to reinvent herself through drama club. Cam and Becca struggle to communicate; things at work get weird for Will.
  4. Daunted by crossing “sex” off her list, Mia opts for “breaking the law” instead. During a rager, hard liqour and harder truths flow freely.
  5. A shared suspicion brings Mia and Alison closer together and them on a spa day with Viv. As Becca confides in her mother, Will speaks his truth.
  6. In Mia’s shadow, a frustrated Alex feels mounting pressure to be prefect. The Polancos meet for a family session after a harrowing school day.
  7. Mia’s 17th birthday party ticks several boxes on the list, but there’s no shortage of drama. Cam combats jealousy and indifference; Will runs his mouth.
  8. Viv makes a distressing discovery. Devastating news about an old friend reignites Mia’s rush to finish the list. But when is it time to stop running?

The Cast

Sophie Wilde
Sophie Wilde

Sophie Wilde, an Australian actress hailing from Sydney, has gained recognition for her outstanding performances in various television series. With her notable roles in shows like “You Don’t Know Me,” “Eden,” and the period drama “Tom Jones,” Wilde has established herself as a talented actress in the industry. Her recent achievements include starring as Mia in “Talk to Me” (2023) and portraying the character Sophie in “The Portable Door” (2023). Wilde made her television debut in 2021, captivating audiences with her portrayal of Scout in the Stan drama series “Eden.

Lauryn Ajufo
Lauryn Ajufo
Luca Slade
Luca Slade

Aurélien Pallot
Harry Cadby

Everything Now

Everything Now

Name: Everything Now

Description: After months in recovery for an eating disorder, 16-year-old Mia devises a bucket list of quintessential teen experiences to make up for lost time.

Seasons: 1

Country: United Kingdom

Director(s): Dionne Edwards, Charlie Manton, Alyssa McClelland, Laura Steinel

Writer(s): Ripley Parker, Roanne Bardsley, Dylan Brady, Glenn Waldron

Cinematography: Mark Nutkins, Marvin V. Rush

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Actor(s): Sophie Wilde, Lauryn Ajufo, Luca Slade, Aurélien Pallot, Harry Cadby

Companies: Left Bank Pictures, Netflix


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