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‘McGregor Forever’ (2023) Netflix Documentary: Conor McGregor in the First Person

An interesting and well-shot sports documentary in which the fighter opens the doors of his life to us.

McGregor Forever is a documentary series about Conor McGregor in May on Netflix.

Conor McGregor was the first to win two titles in two different categories, but that was just the beginning: cover of Time magazine, $100 million fortune, media attention… The most famous Irishman in the world?

The UFC’s biggest star was born in Dublin and the road to the top was not easy. After starting out as a plumber (like in Mario Bros), he specialized in mixed martial arts. The rest is history, and in this documentary McGregor’s fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the fighter’s comments and share his illusions and the story of a career of successes, dreams and ups and downs.

A great opportunity for lovers of this sport and of this guy who, with his attractive personality, his dedication and tenacity, has been able to connect so well with the public.

As a documentary, very personal, very good images of boxing and with personal content straight from McGregor, who doesn’t hesitate to open the doors of his life, introduce us to his family and give the public what they want, the opportunity to know him much more in depth.


Release Date

May 17, 2023

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About Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor. Depostiphotos

Conor McGregor, also known as “The Notorious,” is a mixed martial artist (MMA) from Dublin, Ireland, who has made a significant impact on the sport of MMA. Known for his exceptional striking abilities, brash personality, and strong work ethic, McGregor has managed to build a name for himself not only in the Octagon but also outside of it. This article discusses the rise, fall, and redemption of Conor McGregor, examining his journey through the world of combat sports. More

Episode List

Bad Blood

Bad Blood

McGregor returns from a two-year break to face the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. With bad blood boiling over, the stunning outcome sparks mayhem.

As Real as It Gets

As Real as It Gets

A pivotal fight against Donald Cerrone stuns the Las Vegas crowd. Later, when the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down the world, McGregor fears losing momentum.

Insane to This Game

Insane to This Game

McGregor makes an announcement that has MMA pundits skeptical. Shortly afterward, he starts a brutal weight-cutting routine to take on Dustin Poirier.

'Til the Day I Go Out

‘Til the Day I Go Out

Amid doubts about his will to win, McGregor trains for a match with a rival. As the bout ends painfully, the fighter faces next steps.

McGregor Forever

McGregor Forever

Name: McGregor Forever

Description: An in-depth look at McGregor's life and career.

Seasons: 1

Country: United States

Director(s): Gotham Chopra, Darragh Mccarthy

Genre: Sports, Documentary

Actor(s): Conor McGregor

Companies: Religion of Sports, Netflix


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