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‘Scoop’ (2023) Netflix Series: A Journalistic Series from Bollywood

Scoop is an Indian series directed by Hansal Mehta, starring Karishma Tanna, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub and Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Ruthm, pretended realism, politics and a lot of journalism in a very interesting series of those that introduces us to a “small” portion of the world (as they say, the largest democracy on the planet, no less).

About the series

Scoop netflix
Scoop (2023)

It is a great idea that, however, doesn’t get to be brilliantly treated. A series that aims to achieve so much and be so transcendent, that it leaves us “wanting more” (which is great) but also leaves us with the feeling of not having achieved all his claims.

It has a very good plot, a solid idea and all the necessary background to give us a series of those that, treated differently, would have been great.

Do you know those Scorsese endings that, tinged with somewhat easy morality, leave us with that bittersweet feeling? In Scoop this feeling is constant, and it takes over the series as the word “justice” prevails and the series becomes more lecturing, less informative, and more didactic.

Scoop netflix
Scoop (2023)

It has a great beginning -and this is almost a constant in Bollywood-, but it is designed to finally lead us to the trial and its consequences, seen in the reactions of the public and of the people, in that sometimes so easy social picture that deprives us of a truer portrait.

However, it is a good series to enjoy this Friday and get a little closer to the Bollywood industry. It has a bit of everything and is full of controversy: mafia, police involved, politics and well-known people.

Such a didactic development for a series that asked for greater strength at the narrative level, especially from its premise, doesn’t satisfy us.

Scoop netflix
Scoop (2023)


The shocking murder of a journalist thrusts a leading crime reporter into a nexus of police, media and the Mumbai underworld as she fights for justice.

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Release Date

June 2

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The Cast

Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub


Scoop Tv Series Netflix

Name: Scoop

Description: A journalist's life takes a 360 because of the very system that made her who she is. Will she fight or will she concede?

Seasons: 1

Country: India

Director(s): Hansal Mehta

Writer(s): Mrunmayee Lagoo, Mirat Trivedi

Music: Achint Thakkar

Genre: Drama, Crime

Actor(s): Karishma Tanna, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Harman Baweja

Companies: Matchbox Shots, Netflix


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