Sandman (2022)

Sandman – Serie en Netflix 2022

The Sandman is a 2022 fantasy series created by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg. Starring Tom Sturridge.


The Sandman is a visually potent, impressive, genius and imaginative series, which exudes good design in almost every aspect. The big, and tricky, question is: Does it stay true to the graphic novel?

It isn’t that we do not know Neil Gaiman’s work, it is simply that in this area we do not dare to opine, as any discrepancy between the comic books and the series, however small, will have the fans rip us apart for not knowing this or that detail of the story. We do however, rely on the fact that Neil Gaiman himself has been so involved in this production, both in the screenplay and direction, that we believe it is sufficiently close to the graphic novel as to appease the most devout fans.

Be that as it may, what we have seen in its filmed version is a really good story, and epic, which transmits the mystique and the essence that we believe it is meant to inspire, and modernizes it for television, or screen rather, managing to create THE series of the year, at least until the Targaryen make an appearance, and prove (or don’t) the contrary.

The Sandman (2022)

It is full of fantasy, innumerable characters inspired in mythology, and provides an almost self-sufficient story within most of the episodes; there are so many stories told. And there are even more awaiting to be told. Yes, we expect more, as episode 10 seems to segue into a second season (still nonexistent to our knowledge).

The tempo is appropriate to keep us engaged, and have us asking for a bit more once an episode ends. The casting is good, of course. The performances being top-notch, we particularly enjoyed Boyd Holbrook who was intrepid in his role as The Corinthian, and Jenna Coleman as Constantine.

For those who of you who have not read the graphic novel, nor have seen the series yet, we can tell you that the plot is reminiscent of Milton’s Paradise Lost, it is a sort of modern version of the classic, therefore you can count on it having enough entertaining elements narratively, and visually, to be of many a viewer’s liking. It has though been murmured that it is slightly juvenile and of little consequence. The format might invite us to think so, and yet, it is definitely not for kids. The story itself plays with the eternal battles of good and evil, and manages to make many nuanced interjections in the form of characters and their development throughout the story.

And so, it turns out that with its ample supply of shows, Netflix can every once in a while, surprise us with a piece that is well worth watching, and savor (as it is not a binge-watching dish). Is it a good series? “Is it ever?!”, we say.

Our Opinion

Grand, recommendable and massively entertaining. This is a fantasy series that even the most devout and skeptical fans of Gaimans graphic novel will enjoy.

Sandman Official Trailer

List of Episodes in ‘The Sandman’

Sleep of the Just

EPISODE 1: Sleep of the Just

The occultist Roedrick Burgess, wrongly summons Morpheus when the one he was after was Death. Believing Morpheus will assist him in capturing Death, he imprisons Dream.

Imperfect Hosts

EPISODE 2: Imperfect Hosts

Finally liberated, Morpheus embarks on a search for his three tools: sand, the helm and the ruby. He will visit a few of his old subordinates, amongst Cain and Abel, and their adorable gargoyle.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

EPISODE 3: Dream a Little Dream of Me

To recover the sand, Morpheus has to negotiate with Constantine, the exorcist. We are also introduced to Johnny, Ethel’s son, who had long time prior misused being in possession of the ruby, and locked up.

A Hope in Hell

EPISODE 4: A Hope in Hell

A visit to hell in search of his helm, is what awaits Morpheus in this episode.


EPISODE 5: 24/7

Johnny is free now, and goes about his strange and deranged machinations, all in the belief that absolute truth is the way.

The Sound of Her Wings

EPISODE 6: The Sound of Her Wings

Morpheus pays his sister, Death, a visit. Spoiler: Shakespeare has a cameo appearance.

The Doll's House

EPISODE 7: The Doll’s House

Things are about to become more complicated for Morpheus, as he is given bad news – there is a vortex that threatens the order of universe.

Playing House

EPISODE 8: Playing House

Rose Walker is in search of her brother. Her dreams become bizarre. So much so that she encounters Moroheus.


EPISODE 9: Collectors

The Corinthian lures Rose in his attempt to gain more power over Morpheus. The Corinthian is the guest speaker at an unpleasant convention. All the while Desire and Despair are too scheming against Dream.

Lost Hearts

EPISODE 10: Lost Hearts

Morpheus must persuade Rose to make a difficult decision concerning the Dream vortex and its effects on the thin line between the dreaming world and the real world. He also has a tête à tête with The Corinthian.

The Creators

David S. Goyer

David S. Goyer

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Allan Heinberg

Allan Heinberg

The Cast

Tom Sturridge – Morpheus / Dream

Boyd Holbrook – The Corinthian

Vivienne Acheampong – Lucienne

Patton Oswalt – Matthew the Raven (voice)

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Nombre: The Sandman

Descripción: Morfeo es atrapadoen el mundo de los despiertos por un aficionado a la magia negra. TRas quedar atrapado varios años, descubre que su mundo se ha resquebrajado y tendrá que arreglarlo.

Nuestra Opinión

Excelsa, recomendable y magnífica. Una fantasía a la que incluso los fans más acérrimos tendrán que rendirse.

  • Escenografía - 9.2/10
  • Historia - 8.4/10
  • Personajes - 8.3/10
  • Interpretación - 7.2/10
  • Montaje - 8.1/10
  • Producción - 8.7/10


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