The impact of massage on health

One of the most traditional and powerful methods for enhancing human health is massage. Massage has been used for generations to treat and ward against a variety of illnesses. Nowadays massage is a popular method of relaxation and elimination of stress. Millions of people visit beauty spas every day, go for luxury massage sessions, and also look for good aroma massage centers, such as Armonia. But how does massage affect our health? We’ll explore the various massage styles and their effects on health in this post.

Massage basics

A massage is a fantastic method to boost your health, mood and well-being in addition to relieving stress and weariness after a long day of work. Each of the approaches of the European massage school uses the same fundamental components of traditional manual massage. They are based on key techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, and vibration.

Massage recommendations:

  • Half of all massage movements should be made in the direction of the lymph flow. The exceptions are: vibration, tapping, and rubbing;
  • When massaging the hands, it is necessary to move toward the elbows and axillary lymph nodes;
  • Foot massage is performed towards the groin and knee cavities;
  • The chest is massaged “to the sides” along the intercostal lines and towards the axillary lymph nodes;
  • It is permissible to massage the cervical region and the collar zone from top to bottom, heading toward the collarbones;
  • Massage of the abdomen is carried out clockwise;
  • The loin, lumbar region, and back are massaged toward the inguinal lymph nodes. At the same time, active influence on them is prohibited;
  • The muscles in the massage area should be as relaxed as possible;
  • The body and hands must be clean;
  • For massage, it is mandatory to use lubricating preparations (ointments, oils). They make the process easier and more enjoyable.


Massage’s impact on the skin

The skin of a person can benefit from massage as well. It could aid in enhancing the skin’s blood flow, which would benefit the skin’s quality and nutrition. Moreover, massage can help increase skin suppleness, which can help prevent wrinkles and other aging symptoms.

Moreover, massage can assist the skin to become free of toxins and dead skin cells, which enhances its appearance. Moreover, massage can increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin, two proteins that maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Massage’s impact on the nervous system

Moreover, massage can benefit the nervous system of people. It can aid in lowering levels of tension and anxiety, which can enhance mood and sleep. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, can also be reduced with massage therapy.

Moreover, massage can increase blood flow to the brain, which can enhance cognitive abilities including concentration, memory, and attention. Moreover, massage might trigger the production of endorphins, feel-good chemicals that uplift mood and lessen pain.

Massage’s effects on mental health

The mental health of a person can benefit from massage. It can aid in lowering anxiety and depressive symptoms, which can enhance mood and lessen the chance of developing mental illness. Moreover, massage can help you sleep better and feel less stressed, which adds to your general sense of comfort and well-being.

The impact of massage on joints and muscles

The muscles and joints of a person may benefit from massage. It can aid in pain relief, muscular relaxation, and spasm relief. Moreover, massage can make muscles and joints more flexible, enhancing mobility and lowering the chance of injury.

Moreover, massage helps enhance blood flow to the muscles and joints, which enhances nutrition and hastens the healing process following accidents and rigorous activity. Moreover, massage can increase muscle and joint tone, which lowers the chance of discomfort and re-injury.

The influence of massage on blood flow

In the body, massage therapy can help to improve blood circulation. It may aid in blood channel dilation, which enhances blood flow and nourishes tissues and organs. Moreover, massage helps lower blood pressure, which can help ward against the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Lymphatic drainage, a mechanism that helps the body rid itself of waste and toxins, can also be improved by massage. The immune system can be strengthened and the danger of infections and other disorders can be decreased by improving lymphatic drainage.


Human health can be improved in a safe and efficient manner with a massage. It can enhance life quality and aid in the treatment of numerous diseases. Frequent massage therapy can enhance mental health, boost muscle and joint tone, promote circulation, and lower levels of stress.

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