Rubens’s Masterpiece Revealed: The Judgement of Paris Returns to the Public

14-Month Restoration of Peter Paul Rubens’s Legendary Painting Unveils New Discoveries

Lisbeth Thalberg

Annoying Movie Cliches We All Dislike

Movies should have some logical scenarios and give us some hints at…

Martin Cid Magazine

“I Saw the TV Glow”: A Journey into a Fascinating Dreamlike World

An Auteur Film that Teases Reality and Television Fiction

Martha O'Hara

YY Dance Company: A Leap into the Unknown with ‘SOMEWHERE’

World Premiere of YYDC’s Latest Choreography SOMEWHERE– An Invitation to an Exquisite…

Alice Lange

“Agents of Mystery”: An Intriguing Blend of Reality, Comedy, and Mystery on Netflix

Venturing into a New Sub-genre of Reality show, Guaranteed to Boggle Your…

Veronica Loop

RSL 2024 Encore Award shortlist revealed

The Royal Society of Literature (RSL) has today unveiled the shortlist for…

Martin Cid Magazine

Unleashing the Adventure: KAKU: Ancient Seal

The Much Anticipated Full Version To Be Revealed On July 12th

Susan Hill

An Exclusive Look at Evert Thielen’s Lifework

Step into the World of Thielen with "Exhibition Evert Thielen - Opening…

Lisbeth Thalberg