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MaXXXine, Ti West’s new film, opens Sept. 16

Mia Goth stars in MaXXXine, the new film from director Ti West.…

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Baghead (2023) Horror Film: When terror simply doesn’t work, there’s little to see

is a horror film directed by Alberto Corredor starring Freya Allan and…

Molly Se-kyung Molly Se-kyung

Stopmotion (2023). Movie Review: Animated Horror Rhythm

3 out of 5Final Score

Stopmotion is a horror movie directed by Robert Morgan starring Aisling Franciosi.…

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Cold Fish (2010) | Film Review: Blending comedy, tragedy, horror, and thriller

Cold Fish is a Japanese film directed by Sion Sono starring Mitsuru…

Martin Cid Martin Cid

The Rope Curse (2018) Movie Review: A Good Horror Film That Knows How to Impress

The Rope Curse is a movie directed by Shih-Han Liao and written…

Martin Cid Martin Cid

Abtos Covert is Now Available

Abtos Covert has just been released for PC on Steam. Iphigames announced their highly anticipated…

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