Bluepoch Games Rolls Out Exciting New Content for ‘Reverse: 1999’ with Phase 2 of ‘Revival! The Uluru Games’

Hong Kong, May 10, 2024 – Bluepoch Games is thrilled to unveil the latest update to its critically acclaimed turn-based tactical RPG, Reverse: 1999, with the launch of phase two of version 1.5, aptly titled ‘Revival! The Uluru Games’. Available now across iOS, Android, and PC platforms, this update promises an enriching gameplay experience filled with new adventures and formidable challenges.

Running through May 29, 2024, this eagerly anticipated update introduces a plethora of fresh content designed to enhance player engagement and expand the game’s universe. Among the highlights is the introduction of a new 6-star character, Ezra, a Melbourne-based student and mushroom researcher. In the new rate-up banner “The Spores of Peace”, players can summon Ezra alongside Satsuki and the latest 5-star character, Desert Flannel. Known for his rationality and reliability, Ezra is a character who epitomizes altruism and is poised to become a valuable ally in the gamers’ quest.

Alongside the opportunity to incorporate Ezra into their lineup, players are invited to participate in a Time-Limited Summoning Event. This special event grants players seven free pulls, increasing their chances to secure top-tier characters and elevate their gameplay.

Ezra also takes center stage in his own story event, “As the Driven Snow Falls,” which complements the update’s array of new events, including “The Epic of Runners” UTTU Flash Gathering. This content expansion not only aims to enrich the gaming experience but also to reward players’ loyalty. Exciting sign-in bonuses await, offering gamers even more reasons to immerse themselves in the world of Reverse: 1999 daily.

Additionally, players can unlock exclusive in-game apparel by collecting FAME Cards in this captivating reading spectacle, adding an extra layer of engagement to the game.

Art Director Guest Cat expressed his enthusiasm for the latest update, stating, “Reverse: 1999 continues to build on its success, and we are overjoyed with the positive reception from the community towards Revival! The Uluru Games’ first phase. Ezra is a testament to our commitment to evolving our character roster. His backstory, rooted in Australian mushroom research and reincarnators, makes him a unique addition that we believe players will love.”

Fans of Reverse: 1999 can download phase two of version 1.5 now by visiting the App Store, Google Play, or the official Reverse: 1999 website. Don’t miss the chance to explore all the new content that ‘Revival! The Uluru Games’ has to offer.

Stay tuned for more updates as Bluepoch Games continues to expand the Reverse: 1999 universe, providing players with captivating stories, challenging gameplay, and boundless opportunities to explore.

Bluepoch Games Rolls Out Exciting New Content for ‘Reverse: 1999’ with Phase 2 of ‘Revival! The Uluru Games’
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