Natural links and romantic love

Natural links are like the Higgs boson, emerging from the infinite love of the internet, naturally, as if the information were so groundbreaking that you somehow discovered it.

For example, let’s say you discover a new elementary particle while cooking dinner or using a dating app. Then, without making a big deal out of it, you decide to share it with the world for free, and of course, the rest of the world considers your discovery so important and are such good people that they, in their immense magnificence, give you credit and also mention where the information about that elementary particle came from.

That is, more or less and with much irony, a natural link, one that search engines value and that is eternal and marvelous, like the first stage of love or the first principle of the universe.

Another example would be if you discover something like Forrest Gump or the Watergate scandal and decide to spread that information. The Washington Post got it right once in its long career, and other major newspapers publish scoops, maybe not as big but still interesting, every day. These scoops generate links automatically and spread at the speed of light, almost constantly until they die, but they remain there, shining like the opening scene of 2001.

And what if we are not capable of discovering elementary particles or working at the New York Times?

Unnatural links

There is a dark world on the internet, a thing they call Black Hat SEO, which is more or less the following: you pay and they put links that, they say, look like natural ones. Most mortals have been playing this game since a certain search engine discovered the powder and, through payment, this kind of links are achieved.

From remote places there are places where they do this. They can be easily found and generate links (lots of links) for a relatively low price.

Well, these, according to a certain search engine, are not the good ones, nor the “cool” ones, because the coolest thing is to discover the MCM boson.

And in case you have forgotten in our first example (a bit stupid, I admit), while we were discovering the secrets of the universe we were, at the same time, in a dating app, which comes in handy to continue this example: in dating apps, they say, true love is also hidden, that millionaire, charming and naturally beautiful person who, without any aesthetic retouching of any kind, has always been there for us.

Such a romantic love exists, say the seekers, and we only have to press the heart and the horn to discover it because it has always been there.

Of course, some of us are there, as in a half-gothic novel, in a port full of dangerous people, paid women and thieves everywhere, and our souls are perverted every day in this world, while we wait to set sail to find the dream of killing the great white whale: the natural link.

Well, with irony or without it and without following too much the SEO rules, now you know what a natural link is and I encourage you to share your scientific discoveries with humanity and pass on those publications specialized in quantum physics, which say that in social networks there is a very active scientific community that will appreciate it and will give you thousands and millions of links without appropriating the content.

Come on, take heart with SEO and don’t try to cheat the search engines with bad arts.

Martin Cid
Martin Cid
Writer, pipe smoker and founder of MCM
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