“Absolute Beginners” (2023) | Series on Netflix. Review: “à la française”

Absolute Beginners” is a new series created by Nina Lewandowska and Kamila Tarabura, staring Martyna Byczkowska.

It is a series with an immense love for cinema, especially French cinema of the 60s-70s, and in particular the period of the nouvelle vague, which, in a way, introduced us all to a more direct and bold way of making movies.

“Absolute Beginners” is between an homage and a coming-of-age series.

A summer where two generations will be destined to understand each other in the setting of a camp, marking the end of adolescence and, of course, the discovery of love.

It is an intimate and charming series. To reminisce and evoke past, youthful times, to ponder upon them, or simply to enjoy the story being told.

Absolute Beginners

About the Series:

A series where everything is flavored with cinema, and nobody bothers to hide it. It is the story of a summer during which a movie is being filmed. Cinema within cinema, very meta, or just an excuse to make this modern “Henry et June” a very different version and tell us that “extra” that happens between filming and real life.

You can think what you want, and take this series from whichever angle you choose, or perhaps the truth of “Absolute Beginners”‘s discourse lies in the intersection between art and reality, reminiscent of the nouvelle vague and its self-reflection.

Even the title of the series has a taste of Bertolucci and the triangle that forms between the three young ones, complemented with the mirrored reflections of the adults who are also at the camp.

It is a series built from the script, lighthearted and swift, being neither a comedy nor a drama; it is a realistic, vibrant, and complex story with interwoven characters and narrative.

Our Opinion:

A good series, being different and profound, it reflects upon youth and its innocence.

And, of course, it is also a reflection on cinema itself.

Absolute Beginners
Absolute Beginners

Release Date

October 25, 2023

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