Delicious in Dungeon – A Japanese animated series on Netflix with a great sense of humor: Gastronomy and Monsters

Delicious in Dungeon is an animation series directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima based on the manga by Ryōko Kui.

Are you fans of cooking TV contests? Are you fans of animated series about monsters? Well, if both answers are affirmative (which we doubt, at least collectively), you’re in luck because “Delicious in Dungeon” is a complete guide on how to cook monsters, with a lot (and we mean a lot) of humor.

It’s an animated series that arrives on Netflix every week, where we can learn how to cook fantastic giant beetle stews and all kinds of delights with the monsters we come across.

It all starts with a group of adventurers who, unable to afford the outrageous prices of local restaurants, decide to eat the monsters they kill during their countless adventures. Yes, at first, the food will be a little “disgusting,” but little by little, you’ll see how they become accustomed to it, and surely, these creatures will turn out to be delicious.

It’s a series with a lot of humor in which, for now, we’ve had a couple of good laughs.

Enjoy it.

Bon appetit!

Where to Watch “Delicious in Dungeon”


Liv Altman
Liv Altman
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