Files of the Unexplained (2024) – A Netflix Docuseries: Do you believe in the unexplained? UFOs, Ghosts, Apparitions

Files of the Unexplained
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Files of the Unexplained is an investigative series that delves into the world of the unexplained with eight cases that seem to have no logical resolution.

Eight episodes featuring eight X-Files-like cases that will certainly catch your eye. We’ve got everything from UFOs and ghost appearances, to grim disappearances, a supposedly enchanted lake, and a few more stories that have been the talk of the town.

“Files of the Unexplained” is a series about eight well-known cases in the United States involving unexplainable events, which became famous and made headlines in newspapers and magazines, generating thousands of hours of television. Now, we revisit them on Netflix, with interviews with the main characters who explain how the events unfolded.

These unexplainable occurrences have been corroborated, with witnesses and all sorts of proof supporting them, yet they remain utterly astonishing.

If you’re fond of the X-Files series, you’re going to love it. Only Mulder and Scully are missing because this series perfectly captures that fascinating ambiance, but this time it’s based on true events and packed with enough evidence.

About the Documentary

Netflix knows its audience and realizes there’s a market for everyone: Not judging, but giving every audience what they seek and enjoy. And if you like mysteries about the unexplained, apparitions, ghosts, and UFOs… “Files of the Unexplained” is simply going to captivate you.

A series that embodies the flavor of X-Files, the legendary TV series that had us hooked week after week. It was a very American series, where ordinary people were put in extraordinary situations related to UFOs. There was always a lingering doubt, although the series treated almost all the occurrences, abductions, and else as real.

In “Files of the Unexplained,” it’s practically the same: a plethora of proofs is presented regarding the authenticity of the narrated events and what transpired, with access to the protagonists who tell their stories with utter respect.

“Files of the Unexplained” comprises eight brilliantly executed episodes, endowed with superb cinematography that manages to encompass the atmosphere of every location and thrust us onto the scene as if we’re in a murder or mystery thriller, with a Silent Hill-like aura and some stunning camera shots. A documentary that knows how to handle the pace in each episode, narrating the story and making it believable all the time, as if it was (and it is) a true X-Files case.

On the cinematic front, it’s super entertaining, almost excellent: A genre series that takes us into the realm of abductions and paranormal phenomena, knowing how to illuminate scenes, create the appropriate ambiance, select the right music for each moment, and control the pace.

Perfect within its genre, designed for the delight of enthusiasts of these stories, and it always leaves us with the same series-inspired question: Do these phenomena exist?

Without confirming or refuting anyone, you will have a very mysterious time in good cinematic company.

Enjoy it.

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