Second Season of “Outer Range” on Prime Video

"Outer Range" is a series created by Brian Watkins starring Josh Brolin.

Prime Video’s “Outer Range” returns with its second season, continuing to blur the lines between genres in an intriguing and unique manner. This series intricately weaves time travel with a quintessentially American narrative of land struggles and familial tragedies, all while being enveloped in mysteries at a contemplative pace that occasionally veers into the intimate.

Not quite fitting neatly into any one genre, “Outer Range” is neither a traditional drama nor pure science fiction. Instead, it stands out for its adept fusion of seemingly incompatible genres and settings, creating a unique atmosphere and mood that is its own. This series is designed for a niche audience; it’s the kind of show that, if it captures your attention, holds on tight with its special, slow rhythm and American mysteries.

About the Series

Remember the way “Twin Peaks” combined the traditional and the magical with supernatural mystery in a rural landscape? “Outer Range” strikes a similar chord but transports us to Wyoming in a series that is more intimate than David Lynch’s creation, focusing more on character strength. The characters’ stories build the scenes of this ensemble drama, which is almost indefinable, balancing magically realistic elements in a way that feels both extravagant and grounded, similar to “Twin Peaks,” but with a more realistic bent.

The series also explores time travel and a mysterious well that appears on the flatlands. The vast plains of North America have always been a fertile ground for stories and conjectures, some fantastic and others, like in this case, set against the backdrop of Wyoming’s grand ranches.

Primarily, “Outer Range” is an actor’s series, featuring Josh Brolin at the helm of a talented cast. However, no single actor dominates the show, as “Outer Range” thrives on a rich tapestry of characters and stories that blend religion, tradition, family, and sorrow into a narrative that may be emotionally deep for those seeking mere sci-fi adventure and possibly too fantastical for those desiring something more grounded. Yet, these dual aspects combine well in an eccentric and unconventional mix that is both traditional and magical, yet also tinged with melancholy.

“Outer Range” is not only well-filmed but features performances by actors given the chance to shine through their complex and dramatic roles. It may not be for everyone, perhaps it’s not meant for anyone, but the second season is here for those fascinated by its unique combination of melancholy and science fiction.

Enjoy the second season of “Outer Range,” a series that might just captivate you with its blend of genres in an unexpectedly moving way.

Where to Watch “Outer Range”

Prime Video

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