The Hijacking of Flight 601 (2024), a Colombian Series on Netflix with a Heavily Political Kidnapping

The Hijacking of Flight 601
Veronica Loop

The Hijacking of Flight 601 is a Colombian series starring Mónica Lopea, Ángela Cano and Christian Tappan. It is created by Pablo González and Camilo Salazar Prince.

Between 1968 and 1973, the world saw 348 kidnappings. This time was known as the golden age of piracy. More than half of these kidnappings took place in South America, and this series tells the story of the longest one, which was Flight 601.

“The Hijacking of Flight 601” is a series that uncovers not only what happened inside the airplane but also the outside world and political intrigues that unfolded in Colombia.

An intriguing series that has it all: pace, script, and impressive acting in a Colombian production that doesn’t just narrate an isolated incident but analyzes what was happening during that time.

And most importantly, why.

About the Series

An intriguing series that paints a vivid picture of the era and explains why there were so many kidnappings and why Cuba was the destination for most of the hijacked planes. Alliances, intrigues, and a script featuring a host of characters that is well written and capable of explaining the situation and creating a series of entertaining intrigues with excellent performances from all its protagonists.

“The Hijacking of Flight 601” stands out for its pacing, script, and visual aspect, with very careful photography and a grain that reminds us of the 60s-70s, when movies were filmed on film and had such a special texture.

The photography gives the series a way to transport us back in time and create a series that is an entertaining thriller and that, moreover, goes beyond, with a series of international intrigues that explain what was happening, why and who benefited from all this.

It appears that it was no coincidence that there were so many kidnappings during that time after all.

The characters are well-developed and evolve, hiding secrets and intrigues, but all with coherence, rhythm, and a high degree of entertainment.

Our Opinion

A series that surprises in its production aspect, script, and treatment.

Much more than what we could initially expect in a complex and entertaining plot as well as serious.

A true portrait of that era and the circumstances.

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