Girl in the Picture. Netflix Documentary Review

Girl in the Picture (2022)
Veronica Loop

Girl in the Picture is a true crime documentary directed by Skye Borgman (Dead Asleep).

It is a disheartening true crime documentary.


The severely wounded woman is found unconscious in a ditch, and taken to a hospital, where the staff attending her and a friend begin to suspect there is something gravely amiss. The identity of this woman, whom sadly passes away, begins to be questioned. Who was this mysterious woman? And what role did her husband, Clarence, play in the horrifying development of events that led to her demise?

The Documentary

This is a dramatic account of events that takes place in Oklahoma City. It is depicted in dark tones, combined with well produced reconstructions, fictionalized elements, and interviews, in line with the traditional structure of True Crime documentaries.

It works, and its audience won’t be spared from, nor disaffected by, knowing how ill-fated the main character’s life was and the genuine tragic dimensions of what she had to go through.

There are tragedies that are well recounted, which are original, and transmit something on an artistic level, while there are others that simply don’t, and are limited by following the common and overused structure of True Crime documentaries.

This documentary has the ability to merge both approaches: the popularized True Crime genre (oh so overused), and a vision, albeit not The Silence of the Lambs (1991), that gives it a coherent flow, and an engaging narrative to a story that is by all means horrific and terrible.

Girl in the Picture manages to go that extra mile, and move the audience beyond the story itself. Composing with remnants a film similar to a police report, thanks to the expertise of the director, it is able to get rid of the mediocrity in what would otherwise be another run-of-the-mill true crime show.

Very good photography and settings, maintaining a proper tone, in contrast to the gruesome nature of the events covered.

Our Opinion

The most notable aspects of this documentary are the fictionalized reconstruction of events, the photography, and the dark tones which create such strong contrasts. Staying on track with an appropriate tone, it is effective in its expression, and goes beyond the gruesomeness of the story. It is a well narrated documentary that ironically despite working within the limits of the genre’s formula, manages to reach that extra je ne sais quoi which the genre normally does not allow for.

Release Date

July 6, 2022.

Where to Watch Girl in the Picture

On Netflix.


‘Girl in the Picture’ will satisfy true crimes fans’ fix for real-life mysteries, but this time the victim’s tragedy and despair are more haunting than most.

M.N. Miller: Ready Steady Cut 

An astonishing, horrific, fascinating and complex true-crime story.

Richard Roeper: Chicago Sun-Times

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