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Don’t Hate the Player: A reality show on Netflix of betrayals, and mental and social games.

Don't Hate the Player is a television show in which 13 contestants…

Veronica Loop Veronica Loop

The Grimm Variations – Netflix’s Anime Series: 6 Grimm Brothers’ Tales… Massively Altered

The Grimm Variations is a Japanese animation series based on the novel…

Alice Lange Alice Lange

Our Living World (2024) Documentary Series on Netflix: A Tribute to Planet Earth through Ecological Balance

Our Living World is a documentary series narrated by Cate Blanchett. From…

Martha Lucas Martha Lucas

Season six of “The Circle,” Netflix’s most online reality show on television.

The Circle is a game show on Netflix hosted by Michelle Buteau…

Martha Lucas Martha Lucas

Good Times (2024) Animation Series on Netflix: The Evans are back… and very, very different

Good Times is an animation series written by Ranada Shepard and Carl…

Martha O'Hara Martha O'Hara

Fallout (2024) Series on Prime Video: The most anticipated video-game adaptation

Fallout is a new sci-fi series created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. it…

Veronica Loop Veronica Loop

“As the Crow Flies” Season 3: TV’s Most Aggressive Anchowoman Returns

As the Crow Flies is a Turkish series created by Deniz Yorulmazer…

Martin Cid Martin Cid