“The Monkey King” (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment

The Monkey King
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The Monkey King is an American-Chinese computer-animated action comedy film produced by Netflix Animation, Pearl Studio, and Reel FX Creative Studios. It is based on the Chinese folk tale Journey to the West and stars the voices of Jimmy O. Yang, Bowen Yang, Jo Koy, Stephanie Hsu, BD Wong, and Sandra Oh.

Netflix takes us on a journey through this traditional Chinese story, giving it a fresh twist and providing us with a new, energetic, well-animated, humorous, and action-packed vision.

Those seeking a more traditional and faithful formula to the mythology may be disappointed, but this animated film is a success in terms of entertainment, just as Netflix intended.


The film follows the story of a mischievous monkey who teams up with a young girl on an epic quest for immortality. Along the way, they must battle demons, dragons, gods, and the monkey’s own ego.

About the Film

The Monkey King
The Monkey King

Fast-paced, agile, entertaining, charming, and lively. A story that can be enjoyed by children and, thanks to its spectacular action, engage a wider audience.

“The Monkey King” is vibrant, playful, and features animation that undoubtedly captures attention. It leans more towards spectacle rather than the narrative of traditional Chinese legends with its dragons and mysteries. It is not reflective, and purists may be annoyed by this somewhat excessive “modernization,” with a protagonist more resembling Sonic than the legendary figure. However, from a cinematic perspective, it is a good animated film that allows Netflix to further expand its already broad business horizons.

A success in terms of entertainment and, we assume, from a business standpoint.

Once again, Netflix demonstrates its ability to take a step forward and confidently navigate the challenging and highly competitive world of animation. It’s certain that “”The Monkey King” will achieve great success.

The Monkey King
The Monkey King


Anthony Stacchi

"The Monkey King" (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment

Anthony F. Stacchi, an American effects animator and film director, graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in Film. He began his career as an Animator and Commercial Director at Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. Stacchi then worked as an effects animator at Industrial Light and Magic, contributing to films such as Back to the Future, Hook, The Rocketeer, Ghost, and James and the Giant Peach. In addition to his work as an animator, Stacchi has also served as a storyboard artist for films like Antz, Spirit, and Curious George. He was the head of story for ILM’s computer-animated feature “Frankenstein”, which unfortunately did not come to fruition. He also directed a short film titled “Work in Progress”.
Stacchi recently made his directorial debut as a co-director for Sony’s first animated film, Open Season. He is set to direct an animated stop-motion film based on Alan Snow’s children’s novel, Here Be Monsters!, for LAIKA. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2010.

The Cast

"The Monkey King" (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment
Jimmy O. Yang
"The Monkey King" (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment
Jolie Hoang-Rappaport
"The Monkey King" (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment
Bowen Yang
"The Monkey King" (2023) Movie on Netflix: A success in terms of entertainment
Jo Koy

Ron Yuan
Hoon Lee
Stephanie Hsu
Andrew Pang
Andrew Kishino

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