“The Deepest Breath” (2023) Documentary on Netflix: An Engaging Look into the World of Freediving with Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan

The Deepest Breath (2023)
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The Deepest Breath” is a 2023 documentary directed and written by Laura McGann about Italian freediver Alessia Zecchini‘s attempt to break a world record with the help of diver Stephan Keenan.

This documentary, released by A24, is now available for streaming on Netflix.

About the Documentary

The opening sequences of the documentary are revealing: Zecchini tries to break the world record and descends, only to return unconscious, on the brink of death. Fear of death? The athlete herself answers the question: when someone has to die, they die. There is no more.

A tragedy presented from the very beginning.

The credits showcase breathtaking and marvelous images of the sea, always the sea, to immerse us in the lives of Alessia Zecchini and Stephan Keenan. She, a young woman with a clear goal: to become the best freediver in the world; he, a globetrotter with an unparalleled passion for the sea and life.

Together, they embark on a journey towards life, an adventure with no turning back, exceptionally documented in this film that, we warn you, will bring tears to your eyes.

Technically, it features spectacular underwater footage, although the documentary focuses on the personal relationship between Keenan and Zecchini, both as adventure partners and in their personal lives.

Are you looking for a documentary that touches the heart? Yes, at times “The Deepest Breath” ventures into melodrama, but there was no other way to approach this story. The stunning underwater imagery and the cinematographic treatment are captivating, just like this tale of resilience, friendship, and love for the sea.

Our Opinion

“The Deepest Breath” is an opportunity to experience a thrilling adventure, this time through a documentary that has a strong narrative approach, a lot to tell, and a passion for life.

Especially recommended for those who are passionate about the sea and underwater imagery, as this documentary is definitely worth watching.

If you enjoyed the movie “No Limit“, this documentary will be to your liking.


Freediving is a type of underwater diving that relies on holding one’s breath until resurfacing rather than using breathing equipment like scuba gear. Freedivers have the ability to reach depths exceeding 200 feet, with some even managing to hold their breath for over 20 minutes. Read More

Alessia Zecchini

Alessia Zecchini is an Italian freediver who is known for her incredible feats of breath-holding underwater. She is the current world record holder in constant weight no fins (CWT), with a depth of 123 meters (404 feet). She is also the first woman to reach a depth of 100 meters (328 feet) in free immersion (FIM). Read More

Release Date

July 19, 2023

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