Alpha Males: More self-doubting males return to Netflix in an also fun second season

Alpha Males (2022-)
Veronica Loop

Alpha Males is a Spanish series directed by Laura Caballero and Alberto Caballero, and stars Fernando Gil, María Hervás, Raúl Tejón, Kira Miró and Gorka Otxoa among others.

The second season of “Alpha Males” brings back the male characters with even more uncertainty on Netflix. The show continues to explore their existential and emotional doubts. None of the main characters were able to fix their lives in the first season, and it seems like they are still struggling with doubts, fears, and new adventures in the second season, providing us with some entertainment. This Spanish series humorously portrays the struggles of men, who try to fit into the new social norms while maintaining their masculinity.
About the Series:

“Alpha Males” is a humorous take on the ongoing “battle of the sexes” in modern times. It cleverly uses irony and humor to entertain rather than provoke controversy. As a comedy, it relies on familiar archetypes and characters that have been seen many times before, but still manages to keep us engaged and entertained. In this case, it turns the traditional alpha male stereotype on its head and makes fun of it. This approach is consistent throughout the second season, with witty dialogue and a romantic comedy genre that seems to be popular in Spanish cinema. It succeeds in entertaining and keeping us entertained. This is a series that should not be taken too seriously, but instead enjoyed and laughed at.

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