Paul Maheke: Vanille Bleue/ Goodman Gallery Johannesburg






Emerging Artist Paul Maheke’s First Solo Exhibition in South Africa | Opening 8 April

Solo Exhibition8 April – 26 May 2021

Goodman Gallery is pleased to present Vanille BleuePaul Maheke‘s first solo presentation on the African continent and debut with the gallery. Maheke is a very exciting young London-based artist whose practice looks deeply at masculinity and vulnerability.  His 2018 solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery in London helped firmly establish his practice in the public eye and he is set to take part in the British Art Show in 2021 – the UK’s leading quinquennial survey of emerging artists.
The exhibition in Joburg, titled in reference to a type of vanilla indigenous to L’Île de la Reunion, largely draws on a series of journal entries made by Paul since July 2020 during the lockdown in London. The entries draw on personal experience as well as more general reflections on this time, reflected in the exhibition through drawings, sculptural works and sound.

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