Shroud. Written by Bernard Field and Directed by Jim Ivers
Shroud. Written by Bernard Field and Directed by Jim Ivers

Shroud. The Playground Theatre. London

SHROUD. Written by Bernard Field. Directed by Jim Ivers. With Michael Irwin, Fintan Kelly, John McDonagh Bernard Field, Annabel Cleare. 21st February – 5th March

The still uninterrogated crimes of some members of the Catholic Church in Ireland is a constant source of pain and betrayal to many citizens.The absence of an unambiguous confession and apology from the hierarchy is a further source of hurt. What would that even look like? Although from time to time the issues roar loudly in our faces, they are still mostly swept aside by a power structure whose inner workings, practices and real attitudes we can never know. But we can imagine.

Shroud, a new play by Bernard Field, unravels the threads of what we do know to be indisputable, to fashion a powerful drama of passion, pain, tragedy and redemption that promises to sit long in the mind. Centred round the inner workings of the Catholic Church in light of their appalling crimes against children, Shroud raises many unspoken questions and delves into some uncomfortable truths.

Directed by Jim Ivers in his London debut, Shroud’s cast comprises Annabel Cleare,Fintan Kelly, John McDonagh, Michael Irwin and Bernard Field.

Bernard Field is from Dublin. Last Train From Holyhead was his debut production with Hawtheatre. Shroud, along with The Early HoursZeitgeist and The Juggler, have all been premiered at The Town Hall Theatre, Galway. Oh Sister, is in the early stages of production for 2022, and a revival of Zeitgeist is also planned.

Jim Ivers is Artistic Director of Tavistock Arts. He has produced and directed several plays in Ireland and Canada. This production of Shroud is his London debut. Directing highlights include The Early Hours (Galway); The Mundy Scheme, Killer Joe and Ariel (Dublin); and The Lonesome West, Kin and Tempo (Toronto).

Hawtheatre was formed in Galway in 2008. Their first production was Bernard Field’s Last Train From Holyhead with the great Mick Lally in the lead role. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength with plays that address issues of vital social importance. Hawtheatre is built on a passionate belief in theatre and its power as a catalyst for change in society. Last Train From Holyhead, Zeitgeist, The Juggler, The Early Hours all take their inspiration from the conflicts and passions of everyday life to address issues of power, crime and corruption, sex, love, death and redemption. These plays have received critical acclaim and been widely toured in Ireland and the UK.

The Playground Theatre is one of London’s newest off-west end venues. People visit the theatre to enjoy the latest drama, musical theatre, stand-up comedians, festivals and performing arts. They also visit The Playground Theatre to take part in outreach projects such as Well Read. The theatre is a registered charity and relies on kind donations and funding to remain open. It works with established and emerging artists nationally and across the globe. Their ethos has fostered many bold and imaginative new works. The Playground is fully engaged with its rich and diverse community in Kensington and Chelsea, and beyond. Around half of the work at the theatre is outreach focused. 

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