Boris Ostrerov
Boris Ostrerov, Hold Up, Oil on Canvas, 13 x 16?, 2021

Boris Ostrerov and Raeleen Kao at Bert Green Fine Art, Chicago

September 17 - October 21 2022

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our first solo show by Chicago-based painter Boris Ostrerov, and our fourth solo show by Raeleen Kao, a Chicago-based printmaker and installation artist.

Boris Ostrerov exploits paint?s tactile qualities: using volume and viscosity along with color. His paintings are messy, exuberant, weighty, and sculptural. Layered with juicy piles of paint often squeezed from cake decorating bags, they both rely on and defy gravity. The pieces elicit attraction and repulsion ? the work simultaneously (but abstractly) presents as food, abundance, human waste, viscera. The tension and conflict in the work between opposing themes and visual elements mirrors our own conflicted understanding of life.

Raeleen Kao
Raeleen Kao, Vital Signs, Etching, hand-cut paper, wax, dimensions variable, 2022

Raeleen Kao‘s “Vital Signs” is a site-specific installation which will fill the gallery project room. It is composed of printed etchings, hand-cut paper, and wax. The artist describes it as ?an arrhythmia leached across the wall in paper.” Kao uses bodily imagery: hair, skin and scars to depict the interrelationship of mortality, bodily frailty, consciousness, and identity. Kao sees vanity as a futile foil against deterioration, and is highly critical of social norms around the treatment of women and the dismissal of their legitimate concerns. Her works expose extreme personal vulnerabilities yet project a quiet and profound sophistication.

All gallery events are free and open to the public. Additional information found at the gallery website at Please forward to any interested parties.

Bert Green Fine Art

8 S Michigan Ave Suite 620
Chicago IL 60603 USA
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