Mending Maria: A Novella
Mending Maria: A Novella

Rising Publishing COO Pens Premier Novella in a Riveting Fictional Series For Young Adults

Publify Press presents a thought-provoking and relatable teaching for young adults that demonstrates how one decision can change the course of anyone’s life

Author Mireille Auxila provides young adult readers with a life-changing perspective in Mending Maria: A Novella ($13.99, paperback 979-8-9854412-1-5 and $6.99 ebook) Also available in Spanish, El Remiendo de Maria: Novela ($13.99, paperback 979-8-2180641-4-3 and $6.99 ebook).

In the first of a three-part series, Auxila’s book takes readers through the life of Maria, a broken teenage seamstress in the early 60’s and her journey to redemption. María had her whole life planned. Her only focus was the church and the call on her life. Then one day, a decision and it’s impending results, changed her path in life forever. As it often happens to young people facing life’s challenges, Maria lost faith in everything and everyone. Readers will gain inspiration as they follow the young woman’s remarkable story; a lesson that forgiveness is possible, even the act of forgiving oneself.

“This book is about how sometimes people can let what others think of them dictate how they live,” said Auxila. “You can miss out on blessings and opportunities that way.”

Mireille Auxila is a first generation American, the daughter of Haitian immigrants. She is originally from Chicago but now resides in Florida. Auxila has worked in the publishing industry for nearly a decade and is currently the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Publify Press and its respective companies. This is her first published novel. While most executives write non-fiction self-help or business books, Auxila stepped out of the box to write this inspirational fiction novel. For more information about this book, follow @mendingmaria on social media or

Mending Maria: A Novella and El Remiendo de Maria: Novela is available at book retailers including, and

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