Dreamers: A Show For The Artists Still En Route
Dreamers: A Show For The Artists Still En Route

Dreamers: A Show For The Artists Still En Route – Canal Café Theatre

Rubesa Studios & Lonesome Schoolboy Productions

We know the story well: young dreamer moves to a big city, struggles for a bit but within a few short years makes it big! However, this is often the exception rather than the rule. So, what happens to everybody else?

Introducing the debut one woman play by actress, writer & comedian Nina Rubesa (Soho Theatre alum) who after walking away from a promising career as an artist manager in the UK music industry has been experimenting with content and form in storytelling, including her 100-monologue project created during Lockdown 2020. Her content has been viewed over 100,000 times.   Nina   is   an   advocate   for

experimentation as well as mindset training within the creative arts.

From a web series that never got made, to a crowdfund that never launched, to a half-finished trailer, to a short film that got cancelled, to a TV series outline and multiple drafts of a pilot episode that never saw the light of day, along with over 500 notes collected in the notes app over 4 years… Dreamers, is the epitome of the creative process and artist journey.

Dreamers is about a foreign, 30-year-old singer/songwriter in London who is still considered a “failure” according to traditional success markers. It celebrates the messy middle, questions our obsession with success and spotlights those crazy enough to pursue their dreams.

Directed by award winning theatre director Niall Phillips (I’m Thinking of Leaving Facebook, Women of Troy, Turkey, Letters from Everyone) founder of Lonesome Schoolboy Productions and Lonesome Workshops where his goal is to make actors feel supported so they can take risks, hone their craft, and explore their talent in a safe space.

Writer & Performer: Nina Rubesa

Director: Niall Phillips

Composer & Lyricist: Nina Rubesa



Thursday 19th January @ 7:30pm Friday 20th January @ 7:30pm Saturday 21st January @ 7:30pm

Running time: 60 minutes.

Age recommendation: Ages 12+

Canal Café Theatre – Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London, W2 6ND.

Box Office: 020 7289 6054

Tickets: £10/£12 (+ £1.50 booking fee)

Social Media

Instagram: @nina_rubesa

Canal Café Theatre

13 Westbourne Terrace Rd, London W2 6NG, United Kingdom

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