Starry Wreath in Pegasus

The James Webb Space Telescope spies the spiral galaxy NGC 7469, located 220 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus, in this image released on Dec. 21, 2022. This galaxy is

IXPE Measures Exploded Star Remains

When a massive star collapsed in the Cassiopeia constellation, it generated a supernova explosion with some of the fastest shockwaves in the Milky Way. These speedy shock waves are one of the

Hubble Spots a Merging Galactic Gem

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observation has captured the galaxy CGCG 396-2, an unusual multi-armed galaxy merger which lies around 520 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Orion. This observation is

Quasars, Mysteries of the Universe

What are Quasars? Let’s take a look at the Universe Since the creation of physics and mathematics, human beings have always sought ways to understand everything unknown to them, especially when it

Black Holes: Mysteries of the Universe

Human beings have always had a great affinity for space, and have always had a desire to learn and understand the complexity of the universe. Trying to understand everything unknown to us

A Special Stellar Nursery

This image, taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, depicts a special class of star-forming nursery known as Free-floating Evaporating Gaseous Globules, or frEGGs for short. This object is formally known as J025157.5+600606. When a

A Transit of Mercury Happens Nov. 11

The sky will put on a show Nov. 11 when Mercury journeys across the Sun. The event, known as a transit, occurs when Mercury passes directly between Earth and the Sun. From our


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