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Diablo II Resurrected
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If you’re new to Diablo II Resurrected, you might find yourself a little bit lost, since the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand and guide you through all of it. So, if chose druid as your class, and you’re not exactly sure of what you should build, in this article, you will find out which skills you should upgrade first, what stats you should focus on, and much more.

Unleash The Beast

One of the most popular builds for the druid class is known as the fury build. It focuses mainly on maintaining your character in beast mode for as long as possible, since while transformed you get a status bonus, making it easier for you to fight against enemies. So, to be able to do this with ease, this build will combine the Fury and Werewolf skills. Werewolf is a skill that transforms the druid into a werewolf, giving him a bonus attack rating, attack speed, life steal, stamina, and life. And Fury is a skill that delivers five rapid strikes to a single enemy, or if there are multiple enemies in range, the hits will alternate between them.

This build might prove to be a bit challenging to do, but it is worth it. This build shines when you hit level 30, but until then you will need to focus on other skills in order to survive. Be sure to put five points in the skill Firestorm (Sends waves of molten earth that damage enemies), one point into Molten Boulder (Summons a rolling burning boulder, that damages enemies on its path, and leaves the area where it exploded burning), six more points into Firestorm, and any remaining points into Fissure (Creates a type of firewall that burns any enemy in its area). These are the skills you will need until you reach level 30, and when you finally reach this level, you will need to speak with Akara, which is located in the rogue encampment, and respec your build. Respec is when you can redo all of your skill and stats points. It pretty much resets every skill and stats you have.

Now here is how you will distribute your points. Be sure to put some points into strength and dexterity so that you have enough to be able to use your equipped gears. The remaining points will all be used in vitality. In regards to skills, you have two choices on what to max out. You can either max out Oak Sage, an ability that summons a spirit that increases your party’s health, or Heart of The Wolverine, a skill that grants your party bonus attack rating stats. Both of these are great skills, so it is up to you which one to choose.

You will also need to choose between focusing on Feral Rage, a skill that grants bonus damage, attack rating, movement speed, and life steal while active. These effects will only improve as you level up this skill, so if you want to go and face the enemies by yourself, this is the choice for you. However, if you wish to have a partner to aid you during your fights, then you can choose to focus on Grizzly.  This skill summons a bear that fights by your side, it moves slowly, but it deals a good amount of damage, and its attacks can stun and knock back its targets. The more you level up this skill, the stronger the grizzly will be, this skill is great, as it will also serve as another target for your enemies to attack.

Suit Up

Now let’s talk about some of the equipment for this build. For all items, it will require you to put certain gems in it, so if you’re familiar with other RPG games you might know how this works already, but in case you don’t, it is pretty simple. Certain items will have runes and gems slots in them. Equipping them into these items will grant a certain boost, and if you insert runes in a certain order, you will be rewarded with a skill or additional buffs. In this build, you will absolutely need something that prevents you from freezing. This can be done by either finding and equipping The Raven Frost Ring or attaching the runes Shael and Eth, that make the word Rhyme to any weapon or armor with two sockets.

Here are some of the recommended weapons and armor for you to use for this build. For your weapon, use the Phase Blade with the runes Eth, Tir, Lo, Mal, and Ral, creating the Grief rune word. Alternatively, you can use the Ribscracker with the Shael rune. For the shield, you will use the Stormshield with four sockets, for the helm you will equip the Jalal’s Mane, for the armor any useful one will do the job, you just need to equip the Fortitude rune word, that is a combination of the runes El, Sol, Dol, and Lo. You can equip the String Of Ears belt, Ravenfrost and Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band for your rings, Highlord’s Wrath as your amulet, either Laying of Hands or Dracul’s Grasp for gloves, the War Traveler boots, and Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, and you can choose some other charm that grants life, faster hit recovery, max damage, resistances, mana, and attack rating.

Now, this is the recommended build for this type of druid. However, as you get more comfortable with the game, you are free to play around with the build, and try out different types of build and discover which one is the best for you. Druid isn’t one of the most popular classes in Diablo II Resurrected, but it is a pretty fun one, he has some really cool skills, and is able to summon different types of spirits and transform them into all kinds of beasts is extremely fun. So now you’re ready to go play the game and try out this druid build.

If you find yourself struggling to find some of the recommended items for the build, you can check out Eldorado, and see if there is anyone selling the Diablo 2 item you’re looking for. This site is a safe space for gamers to buy and sell items for all kinds of games.

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