Andy Goldsworthy at College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine

Galerie Lelong & Co. is pleased to announce the debut of Andy Goldsworthy’s site-specific, permanent project, Road Line, at College of the Atlantic. This marks the first permanent artwork by the internationally renowned British artist in the State of Maine. 

Comprised of a single continuous line of granite curbstones, Road Line begins its journey through campus at Route 3 and draws its path to the coast of Frenchman Bay. Taking from the tradition of granite curbstones that edge many of the roads in East Coast towns and cities, Goldsworthy has actively worked in granite throughout the Northeast where there is still a lively granite industry.

Road Line would only become apparent as an artwork after it has left the ‘straight and narrow’ and goes its own way,” Goldsworthy said of the piece upon proposal. “I hope this will resonate with the students who will also pass through the college on their own journeys and that, wherever life takes them afterwards, they will always be reminded of their time in Maine whenever they see a curbstone. It would be the antithesis of the definition of curb, which is to control or limit.”


Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy, Road Line, 2023.
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