Angela Palmer: New Film & Last Chance to See – Pangolin London Sculpture Gallery

We are delighted to announce the release of Angela Palmer’s fascinating new film about her exhibition ‘Deep Time’. Exploring our 3 billion year geological history through sculpture this is an exhibition not to be missed and has been featured on Times Radio and BBC Radio Scotland. Make sure you catch it before Saturday 16th September.

Seen here with her sculpture ‘Four Nations’ Angela Palmer says:

The Four Nations is an interlocking cube of four separate rocks consisting of black basalt for Northern Ireland, Portland stone for England, pink Morayshire granite for Scotland and Anglesey limestone for Wales. It is a simple yet complex cube which is mightily difficult to take apart and well nigh impossible to reassemble. As a sculpture, it is not intended to signify what divides us but what unites us and gives each nation its own character and identity.

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