Artist Parme Marin Announces “In The Name Of The Mother,” A Debut Solo Exhibition Of New Works Presented At Chinatown Soup Gallery May, New York

Parme Marin, Emptied Out, Acrylic and oil stick on canvas and leather, 2024
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New York, NY | MAY 6, 2024 – In an ambitious melding of mediums, Parme Marin unveils her debut solo exhibition, “In The Name of The Mother,” at the Chinatown Soup Gallery, featuring a collection of 11 mixed-media works that span painting and sculpture. This exhibition, on display from May 7 through May 19, 2024, pushes the boundaries of traditional fine art, exploring themes of femininity, maternal identity, and the body through an innovative use of materials such as paint, hair, wood, and textiles.

Parme Marin
Parme Marin, The Queen Mother, Acrylic, oil stick and beads on canvas and fabric, 2024

Marin’s work stands as a testament to her personal evolution through motherhood and her rebellion against its conventional constraints. She skillfully crafts material juxtapositions that are as unexpected as they are poignant, conveying a narrative deeply rooted in her experiences and observations. “In The Name of The Mother” seeks not only to showcase artistic innovation but also to prompt a dialogue on the societal and instinctual pressures that often confine women to a predefined mother role, highlighting the internal struggle many face in seeking equilibrium.

Each piece in Marin’s oeuvre is a direct reflection of her engagement with the material world, utilizing it as a conduit for exploring tactile and ethereal concepts such as autonomy and inheritance. Humor and critique intersect in her self-portraiture; localized in the domestic sanctuary of the bathroom, her works present a unique commentary on balance and self-awareness through the whimsical yet critical depiction of her feet.

Parme Marin
Parme Marin, Trapped in the Journey, Spray paint, acrylic, and oil stick on leather and wood on upcycling mailing plastic, 2024

The artist’s exploration of the female form and identity extends into a reimagining of historical portraiture and eighteenth-century French ceremonial decoration. Through a blend of figuration and abstraction, she deconstructs traditional notions of femininity using domestic materials and mark-making that embraces imperfection, symbolizing the physical and emotional labor of motherhood.

Marin’s research-driven approach is a celebration of flaws and a quest for a liberated path to womanhood. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of French decorative arts, spanning the grandeur of the Louis XIV era to the elegance of Art Deco, her works are a study in contrasts – soft and hard, freedom and constraint, illustrating the dualities inherent in life and art.

“In The Name of The Mother” is more than an exhibition; it is an intimate exploration of the artist’s evolving identity as a woman, artist, and mother. Through her groundbreaking mixed-media works, Parme Marin invites viewers into a world where art becomes a medium for psychological release and a space for challenging the confines of traditional maternal roles.

Parme Marin
Parme Marin, High Frequencies, Acrylic and oil stick on canvas and enameled ceramics,2024
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