Donna Huanca Performance, at Faurschou, NY, Saturday, February 10

Donna Huanca Live Performance
Held in conjunction with the exhibition SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH)

Faurschou, New York, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, February 10, 12-7pm

Please join us for a live performance in Donna Huanca’s major institutional exhibition, SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH), on Saturday, February 10 from 12–7pm at Faurschou, New York. The artist will be present.

SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH) is activated by a series of live performances—each one unique and specially commissioned for the occasion—which take place throughout the run of the exhibition. Activated by the movements of these performers, the neutral exhibition space is transformed into a living environment as they, adorned in Huanca’s textural language, populate and leave their traces on the installation. There is no fixed choreography; instead Huanca uses her work to give cues to the performers, encouraging them to meditate and camouflage themselves intuitively within the installation.

Comprised of a new body of paintings, sculpture, olfactory, and sound works, this immersive site-specific presentation is imbued with multiple temporalities. Huanca’s paintings are derived from her durational performances. Using past performance documentation as the foundation for her subsequent exhibitions and works, Huanca captures ephemeral moments to construct an ongoing narrative within her larger body of work. Although otherworldly and surreal in appearance, Huanca’s vibrant color palette and materials used throughout the installation are drawn from nature, now incorporated into a new topography. This play with our senses and preconceptions is further carried out in Huanca’s layering of textures and surfaces, disrupting our perception of image, medium, and the body.

Donna Huanca SCAR TISSUE (BLURRED EARTH) is on view at Faurschou, New York through July 14, 2024.

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