Igshaan Adams’ ‘Weerhoud’ Breathes New Life into The Hepworth Wakefield

In an electrifying fusion of tradition and modernity, The Hepworth Wakefield sets the stage for a mesmerizing display of artistic excellence. Renowned South African artist, Igshaan Adams, brings his much-anticipated ‘Weerhoud’ exhibition to the graceful halls of this iconic British museum.

From the 22nd of June to the 3rd of November 2024, art enthusiasts from around the globe will have the golden opportunity to immerse themselves in Adams’ masterfully crafted tapestries and sculptures. Drawing on his Cape Malay heritage, Adams’ work is a rapturous celebration of his personal identity and cultural roots.

While the term ‘Weerhoud’ in Cape Dutch translates to ‘resist’, the artist purposefully leaves the term untranslated in the exhibition’s title, sparking intrigue and inviting audiences to delve into an exploration of resistance in its myriad forms – from personal to political.

Each piece in the ‘Weerhoud’ exhibition showcases an intricate blend of beadwork, weaving, and sculpting that reflects Adams’ deep mastery and passion. His innovative usage of diverse materials and techniques injects a breath of fresh air into the international art scene.

Adams’ ‘Weerhoud’ is more than just an art exhibition; it is a compelling dialogue on identity, culture and history. As such, it complements beautifully the Hepworth Wakefield’s commitment to inspiring people through art, making its venue the perfect platform for this exhibition.

Art lovers worldwide are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of this extraordinary presentation. Igshaan Adams’ ‘Weerhoud’ is set to make waves this summer and autumn, underlining once again, The Hepworth Wakefield’s position as a leading light in the global art scene.

Lisbeth Thalberg
Lisbeth Thalberghttp://lisbeththalberg.wordpress.com
Journalist and artist (photographer). Editor of the art section at MCM.
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